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"SF looks towards an imaginary future, while fantasy, by and large, looks towards an imaginary past."
- Frederik Pohl

  An astronomical instrument for looking at objects in a miniature universe.  

Felton, his eyes glued to the window, said stumblingly, “Every one of those tiny clouds of sparks a galaxy — each spark a sun, a real, tiny sun.”

“We shall look at our own sun, our own world, in the microcosm,” said Robine, turning and feverishly manipulating the bulky controls of the telescope- instruments in the sphere’s wall.

He was muttering as he worked, “These micro-telescopes are almost as great a wonder as the rest, magnifying to the nth degree by using electromagnetic forces to bend light-rays in super-refractive indexes —

“Now I’ve got it!” he exclaimed suddenly, his eye close against the eyepiece of one of the unfamiliar instruments. “Look now, Gregg !”

Felton applied his own eye to the other eyepiece. Instantly it was as though one of the tiny clouds of sparks of the microcosm inside the sphere leaped to vision in immensely greater size. Now he saw that galaxy of the microcosm as though from close at hand, and it filled the whole field of his vision. It was no mere patch of sparks now but a great assemblage of swarming suns and nebulae, roughly spiral in shape and turning slowly in space.

“You are seeing the galaxy of the microcosm which corresponds to our gal- axy,” came the rapt voice of Robine. “I’ll show you the sun that is exactly similar to our sun.”

Felton heard the scientist’s hand moving the controls of the micro-telescopes...

From The Cosmic Pantograph, by Edmond Hamilton.
Published by Wonder Stories in 1935
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