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Bruce Sterling (b. 1954) is known both for his novels and for the Mirrorshades anthology, which defined the cyberpunk genre for many readers. In 2005 he became 'visionary in residence' at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA.
Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Maritime Robots
Robots designed to perform every aspect of maintenance for a ship.

Mare Nostrum (2022)

Mechanist Drogue

Schismatrix (1985)

Computer-based proxy that deals with communication.

Bicycle Repairman (1997)

Netwar - communications warfare
Making use of various means to disrupt the enemy's military and civilian information networks.

Distraction (1998)

Optic Television
An eye that "sees" more than just its surroundings.

Twenty Evocations (1984)

A device tied into a good will network.

Maneki Neko (1998)

Profile Sniffers - sifting the web
A software device that sifts Internet access records for patterns associate with particular personality types.

Distraction (1998)

Prosthetic Yachting Gloves
Robotic gloves for sailors.

Mare Nostrum (2022)

Scop - the future of food?
Protein grown in bacteria-filled vats.

Islands in the Net (1988)

Sentient Room - not the Radisson
A room constructed entirely of flesh, dominated by the personality of a geisha.

Schismatrix (1985)

Smart Bike
A motorcycle with sophisticated systems for steering and balance.

Distraction (1998)

Smart Piston Spokes
A car that uses a set of pistons that feels and reacts to the surface to move around.

Heavy Weather (1994)

Smart Rope
Long 'rope' consisting of a variety of intertwined cables with different properties; controlled with special glove interface.

Heavy Weather (1994)

The odor created in enclosed space environments due to the need for bacilli for healthy soil.

Schismatrix (1985)

Spex (Spexware)
Video glasses with computer assistance.

Deep Eddy (1993)

Steel Drugs - in a tank
A name for recreational chemicals that were entirely synthetic.

Islands in the Net (1988)

Talking Tape - smart as a brick
Adhesive-backed network connection, global positioning, voice synthesis and speakers.

Distraction (1998)

Translation Program
A computer program that translates speech from one language to another, in real time, to aid in conversation.

Deep Eddy (1993)

Video-Glasses - see in all directions at once
Special light-gathering elements allowed the end user to see omni-directionally.

Islands in the Net (1988)

Video-Manicuring Program
Manipulates live video images in real time.

Schismatrix (1985)

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