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Ukrainian Buckyballs V. Alzheimer's
Interesting research from the Ukraine tells you what you're going to be doing with all those spare buckminsterfullerene molecules you've got lying around in your lab.

Use Roads As Solar Energy Collectors
Interesting system started out as a study on how to make roads more sustainable, with less maintenance. Passive solar heating is a bonus (other examples also covered).

Portrait Robot By Sylvain Calinon
See how this Swiss postdoc taught a HOAP-3 humanoid robot how to draw portraits of passers-by.

i-Snake Flexible Robot Surgeon Concept
It sounds creepy, but the i-Snake idea has enough funding for a fair trial.

Wiimote-Based Multi-Touch Whiteboard
It might just be quicker to list the things you CAN'T do with a Nintendo Wii remote; great hack from CMU.

Nintendo Wiimote Controls i-SOBOT Robot
Very cool free software program lets you control a humanoid robot with nothing more than your handy Wiimote and nunchuk attachment.

Disappearing Car Door Perfect For Your Motor Coach
You'll forget all about that gull-wing door nonsense after you've seen this one.

Dating Service Uses DNA To Find Best-Smelling Mate
Okay, so you're tired of all those endless questions about your likes and dislikes on dating sites. One cheek swab gives you the answer on this site.

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