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La Princesse Mechanical Spider
Giant steampunk mechanical spider Liverpool rampage! That was my alternate title.

'Pitvertising' Armpit Ad Dispay
A really bad idea from the folks in advertising.

Sensor Vest For Computer Games?
Prototype uses sensors woven into the fabric to sense stress and muscle excitation levels.

Anti-Paparazzi Sunglasses DIY Counter Surveillance
Nifty how-to video shows how to frustrate those cameras that are constantly trying to get a picture of your face.

The Trons Robot Band
Any thoughts on what kind of music would be best for a robotic band?

ID-U Biometrics Eye Tracking Signature
Interesting new method of secure identification gathers a unique response to stimulus each time; old data cannot be copied and presented to the system.

Foldit - Design Proteins With Online Game
Amazing game lets online gamers participate in evolution; can you design a better protein? With video.

Acoustic Cloak Research Turns Practical
Creating sonically invisible pillars in concert halls would probably confuse the dickens out of bats, but music lovers would like it.

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