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Theater Seat Indicators
Vacant seats are clearly shown.
(From Flamingo: A Drama of A.D. 1950 [1930] by Clarence Edward Heller)
Indoor Stadium
An entirely enclosed baseball stadium.
(From Flamingo: A Drama of A.D. 1950 [1930] by Clarence Edward Heller)
Time Line
Time seen linearly, as a distinguishable series of events.
(From Liners of Time [1935] by John Russell Fearn)
Electric Menu
Ordering of food is automated, without waiters.
(From Liners of Time [1935] by John Russell Fearn)
A musical performance by robots.
(From The Music Master [1953] by F.L. Wallace)
Paint-to-Order Robot Artist
A robotic mechanism that could produce a unique picture, given subject and artistic style.
(From The Music Master [1953] by F.L. Wallace)
Magnetic Projector
Projects a vortex of magnetic force.
(From The Space Beyond [1976] by John W. Campbell)
A rug that conveyed you around your house.
(From Roll Out The Rolov! [1953] by Christopher Anvil)
Autosight Achronic Beam
A range-finder for weaponry that isn't limited by time, for the ultimate in accuracy.
(From Hindsight [1940] by Jack Williamson)
Air Scooter
A flying personal vehicle.
(From Space Double [1940] by Nat Schachner)
Surgically implanted blades under the fingernails.
(From Neuromancer [1984] by William Gibson)
Skew-Flip Turnover
Used halfway to the destination by torch ships to slow for one's destination.
(From Have Space Suit - Will Travel [1958] by Robert Heinlein)
Huge vehicle for planetary surface transport.
(From The Slave Ship to Andrigo [1951] by Ross Rocklynne)
Gyrocar Monorail
A self-balancing vehicle.
(From The Anarch [1944] by Malcolm Jameson)
Mal de Void
Literally, space sick.
(From Off the Beam [1944] by George O. Smith)
Negative Acceleration
Turning a torchship through a half-circle, thereby applying force in the direction of motion, slowing the ship down.
(From Skylark of Space [1928] by E.E. 'Doc' Smith)
The point in a torchship's trajectory when it must flip over and point its fiery tail toward its destination to decelerate.
(From Off the Beam [1944] by George O. Smith)
Cyclotronic Ore-Hurler
Using the magnetic properties of an asteroid to send ore hurling across space!
(From Exit From Asteroid 60 [1940] by D.L. James)
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