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Time Line
The sequence of events leading up to, and past, this moment.
(From Time Wants A Skeleton [1941] by Ross Rocklynne)
A vast, actual desert comprised of nanites, nanomachines.
(From The Fractal Prince [2012] by Hannu Rajaniemi)
A person with much more Time than an ordinary person.
(From The Quantum Thief [2010] by Hannu Rajaniemi)
Special craft for journeys through the atmosphere of a gas giant planet.
(From Finisterra [2007] by David Moles)
A person to perceive the contents of another person's mind.
(From The Demolished Man [1996] by Alfred Bester)
A person who creates landforms and physical environments
(From The Diamond Age [1995] by Neal Stephenson)
Very thin beam of destruction.
(From Skylark of Valeron [1934] by E.E. 'Doc' Smith)
A person from another planet.
(From A Matter of Size [1934] by Harry Bates)
Making a landing on a planet from space.
(From Quicksands of Youthwardness [1940] by Malcom Jameson)
Leak Disk
Simple device to temporarily close a leak in a spacecraft.
(From Islands in the Sky [1952] by Arthur C. Clarke)
Buttered Toast Robot
What it says on the tin.
(From Fahrenheit 451 [1953] by Ray Bradbury)
Moon As Prison
The moon is a prison without bars.
(From The Moon is a Harsh Mistress [1966] by Robert Heinlein)
The engineering field encompassing the creation and maintenance of robots.
(From Liar [1941] by Isaac Asimov)
A two-wheeled, self-balancing automobile.
(From Two Boys in a Gyrocar the story of a New York to Paris motor race [1911] by Kenneth Brown)
Gom Jabbar
A needle with deadly poison, used to test for humans.
(From Dune [1965] by Frank Herbert)
Stone Burner
Atomic weapon which burrows deep into a planet; its radiation also attacks selected nerve tissues.
(From Dune Messiah [1969] by Frank Herbert)
Alcatraz of Space
A planetoid prison.
(From Reunion on Ganymede [1938] by Clifford Simak)
Robotic Animals
Artificial animals created using robotic elements.
(From Reunion on Ganymede [1938] by Clifford Simak)
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