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Christopher Anvil (March 11, 1925 November 30, 2009[1]) is a pseudonym used by American author Harry Christopher Crosby.
Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Retro-style system provides a readout on your position anywhere in the galaxy.

The Hunch (1961)

Dressing Machine
A robotic device to serve as a mechanical dresser.

Roll Out the Rolov! (1953)

A system designed to capture intruders.

The Hunch (1961)

Jump Point
A specific location in space where an interstellar jump can be accomplished.

Bill for Delivery (1964)

A specialized robot for the bedroom.

Roll Out the Rolov! (1953)

Ultraminiature Spy-Circuit
Tiny bits of 'smart dust' used as surveillance devices.

The Unknown (1972)

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