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Raymond Z. Gallun (rhymes with "balloon") was born in rural Wisconsin in 1910. He attended one year of college at the University of Wisconsin, then left to travel in Europe. He started writing science fiction in 1929; he attained widespread recognition with Old Faithful in 1934. Along with John W. Campbell, he did as much as anyone to help science fiction evolve from crude pulp stories to interesting literature. He died in 1994.
Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Air-Restorer Capsule
A device that re-oxygenates air in space suits.

The Planet Strappers (1961)

Airtight Tent
A temporary structure for living on an airless moon or asteroid.

Asteroid of Fear (1951)

Asbestos Sunshade
A means of shielding oneself from the sun's rays.

The Achilles Heel (1940)

Asteroid Garden
A method for building a greenhouse on a small, airless body.

Asteroid of Fear (1951)

Asteroid Homesteaders' School
An institution of learning where regular folks learned how to start a farm on an asteroid.

Asteroid of Fear (1951)

Atom-Driven Drill
An atomic-powered auger, for use in drilling deep into asteroids.

Asteroid of Fear (1951)

Atomic Blast Weapon
Reduces the target to atoms.

The Achilles Heel (1940)

Similar to chlorophyll but synthetic and far more efficient.

The Planet Strappers (1961)

Designed Bacteria - purposive genetic modification
Very early reference to the idea of bacteria designed to wipe out a particular species, and no others.

Seeds of Dusk (1937)

Emergency Space-Boat
An escape ship.

Revolt of the Star Men (1932)

Hydroponics in Space
Growing plants for food without soil on a spacecraft.

The Planet Strappers (1961)

Inertia Tank
A device that protected its delicate contents by cushioning.

Masson's Secret (1939)

Liquid Mirror Telescope on Mars - alien LMT
A large telescope using a spinning bowl of mercury as the mirror.

Old Faithful (1934)

Microsurgery Tool - first description
Miniaturized device for surgical precision.

Masson's Secret (1939)

Neuronic Control Apparatus - put your experience in reverse
A device that communicated with a brain implant, granting both sight and control.

Masson's Secret (1939)

Neuronic Receptor-Transmitter
A device which, implanted in the brain, can both transmit sight and sound, and enable control of the body by a remote operator.

Masson's Secret (1939)

Paralyzing Gun
Renders senseless any human in its path.

The Achilles Heel (1940)

Protective Energy Halo
A device that cast a hemisphere of protective beams.

The Scarab (1936)

Proton Pistol (Proton Beam) - beams of fury
A device that unleashed a 'protonic storm' of energy.

A Menace in Miniature (1937)

Rocket Engine Moves Moon
Using the propulsive mechanism of a space ship to move a small moon or asteroid.

The Space Dwellers (1929)

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