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"THE idea of travel in time, has no doubt captured the imaginations of our readers. Discussions pro and con, as to the nature of time, and the possibilities and effect of travel in time have waged through our discussion columns and an enormous amount of interest has been stirred.

What could be better to clarify that interest than a story by a man who is not only a master of science fiction, but also a scientist of the first rank. John Taine is the pseudonym of a professor of mathematics at a leading American University, and a member of the National Academy of Science, that most aristocratic body of our foremost thinkers.

If the number of books of science fiction in print is any criterion then John Taine ranks with H. G. Wells. His “Purple Sapphire” created a virtual sensation. “Quayle’s Invention,” “The Iron Star,” “Green Fire,” “The Gold Tooth,” “The Greatest Adventure,” have been no less of successes. To this great company of novels, “The Time Stream” must now be added.

John Taine has probed deeply into the nature of time, and of time travel, and his ingenious mind has created a tremendous and thrilling story of the whole human race. The rise aid fall of the race; the great cataclysm that sent men back to the brute; are all woven into a powerful and moving narrative. We are honored to present to our readers this science fiction classic."

('Time Stream' by John Taine)

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Time Stream
The total sequence of events considered as a kind of flow.


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