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"A characteristic of our modern generation is its intense interest in the future. What will our civilization be in 100, 500 or 1,000 years hence? How will some of our most pressing problems be settled? Mr. Flagg answers some of these questions with great clarity and with a picturesqueness which is peculiarly his own.

('An Adventure in Time' by Flagg)

One might say that time-traveling stories fully serve their purpose by giving us a perspective on our own civilization and very often lending a new viewpoint on conditions that we have come to accept as inevitable.

('An Adventure in Time' (interior) by Flagg)

There is little question but that the future will see an increasingly greater part of our work being done by mechanisms of one kind or another, and whether these mechanisms are the Mechanicals as pictured by Mr. Flagg or some other form of mechanism, they will undoubtedly relieve man of much of the drudgery that is prevalent even in our twentieth century life."

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