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Arachnid Adhesion: The Sticky Feet Of Spiders
We've all seen spiders crawl up a glass window, then hang upside down from the ceiling. This study used a scanning electron microscope to find out how they do it - and how humans might make sticky things stickier.

JewelEye - Innovative Body Piercing Update
You've seen it everywhere (and lots of places you haven't seen it) - piercings and tatooing. But you'd need to go to the Netherlands to see eyeball jewelry.

Phone Dial Web Browser
David Lu's Phone Dial Web Browser is a web browser that uses a rotary phone dial as an interface. (Just dial for

Koolio: Autonomous Refrigerator Robot
Professors work hard - and they deserve refreshment. At the Machine Intelligence Lab at Benton Hall at the University of Florida, they are served by Koolio, the autonomous refrigerator Robot.

MusicPad Pro: Digital Sheet Music File Player
You can store your entire music library on this device, using digital sheet music brought in from music composition programs and even scanned sheet music files.

Lexar 8Gb Compact Flash Memory Doubles The Record
Lexar's new 8Gb Professional Series CompactFlash card doubles the old record of 4Gb (gigabytes) for the largest compact flash memory size.

Bradbury: Missions To Moon And Mars Will Inspire Humanity
Science Fiction Grandmaster Ray Bradbury spoke before a presidential commission reviewing American space policy - specifically, missions to Mars.

Pentagon Asks For Digital Dog Tags
RFID-based "dog tags" may help troops identify each other in the field. The unit is intended to allow a shooter to query his target - "friend or foe?"

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