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Nathaniel Schachner (1895-1955) was an American author of science fiction ans well as historical novels and biographies. His first eleven stories were written in collaboration with Arthur Leo Zagat. Schachner was trained as a lawyer and a chemist; he was one of Isaac Asimov's favorite writers. (Also, take a look at the stories Nathaniel Schachner wrote on his own, and of course the stories that Leo Zagat wrote on his own..)

Science fiction in the News articles describe real-world events that relate to the ideas and inventions in sf novels and movies. Select a news article:

T-Sketch The Whiteboard T-Shirt
   Oh, sure, I've seen this before. You remember those bell-shaped aliens from another universe in that 1931 story, right? Okay, maybe not. But I do.
Solar-Powered Bra
   This versatile item of apparel also comes with two reusable drink containers.
Transparent Thin Film Transistors Fabbed With Nanotubes
   If you could implant some sort of flexible display right in (or on) your skin, what would you display on it?
UK School Face Recognition: Kiddie Orwell Tech
   Surveillance of schools now an enjoyable activity, claims UK school principals.
Chinavision Face Recognition Door Lock
   Your face is your password, your keycard and your timecard. Good thing it doesn't need to punch your card.
Merchants Get Face-Recognition Via The Cloud
   'The road you're on, John Anderton, is the one less traveled...'- Steven Spielberg, 2002.
Spacesuit Z-2: NASA Wants You To Pick Their Next Design
   'Al was hastily donning his space suit...'- Schachner and Zagat, 1931.
Tapster Automates Smartphone App Testing
   'Rapidly, purposefully, the metallic fingers moved over the key-boards...'- Schachner and Zagat, 1931.
Who Will Own The Robots?
   '...machines did the work of man, and the aristos, owners of the machines, played in soft idleness...'- Zagat and Schachner, 1931.
T-Mobile Sues Huawei Over Button Pushing Robot Idea From The 1930's
   'Not the slightest change in their working betrayed the fact that they were now being directed by a machine instead of human beings.'- Schachner and Zagat, 1931.
Button-Pushing Robots Have Taken Our Jobs, Thankfully
   'The ten forked ends of each arm commenced a rattling pressing of the buttons.'- Schachner and Zagat, 1931.
US Customs Now Doing Facial Recognition At DC Airport
   Are you who you say you are?
DIY Method To Summon Tesla With Amazon Echo
   'Thomas focussed the violet beam of a hand flash on a plate...' - Schachner and Zagat, 1931.
Robot Deltu Is Ready To Play With You
   '...A rattling pressing of the buttons.' - Schachner and Zagat, 1931.
Musk Tunnels Wisely Restrict Drivers
   Too many robots.
SpaceX Spacesuit Design Transmitted By Elon Musk
   Welcome, SpaceX, to the club of space suit imaginers and makers.
Amazon's Rekognition System Sees Criminals In Congress
   '... the imprint of her image on the telephoto cell.' - Schachner and Zagat, 1931.
Robots Help People Get Dressed, As Predicted In 1931
   Yes, people of the future, robots will dress you.
Chinese Face Recognition Mistakes Bus Ad For Jaywalker
   '... the imprint of her image on the telephoto cell.' - Schachner and Zagat, 1931.
Facebook Unexpectedly Turns Away From Sfnal Face Recognition
   '... the imprint of her image on the telephoto cell.' Schachner and Zagat, 1931.
Mobot Robot Tests Smartphone Apps With Its Finger
   'Rapidly, purposefully, the metallic fingers moved over the key-boards...' - Schachner and Zagat, 1931.
Safe Street Rebel Autonomous Vehicle Luddites And Schachner's 1931 Robot-Deranger
   'Then the spreading beam of the deranging ray struck them, and they stood an instant transfixed...' - Schachner/Zagat, 1931
'No, I'm Not A Robot' - Robot
   '... with a weird simulation of life, the ten forked ends of each arm commenced a rattling pressing of the buttons.' - Schachner and Zagat, 1931.
The Warp And Fabric Of Spacetime
   'Jenkins had evidently fallen into a warp in space.' - Schachner and Zagat, 1930.
Goodness Gracious Me! Google Tries Face Recognition Security
   'The actuating mechanism that should have operated by the imprint of her image on the telephoto cell...' - Schachner and Zagat, 1931. is devoted to the creative inventions of science fiction authors and movie makers. Look for the Science Fiction Invention Category that interests you, the Glossary of Science Fiction Inventions, the Timeline of Science Fiction Inventions, or see what's New.
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