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Jack Williamson's (b. 1908 - d. 2006) first published story appeared in 1928. He has received a Bram Stoker Award for Life Achievement. He was the second science fiction author (after Robert A. Heinlein) to be named Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America. Williamson has taught since the 1950s at Eastern New Mexico University.

(Jack Williamson)

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Genetic Engineering
Direct manipulation of genetic material

Dragon's Island (1951)

Geodesic Inflexors
Propulsion provided not by pushing against matter, but against spacetime.

Star of Dreams (1941)

Geodynes - pushing against the fabric of space
Spacecraft propulsion that pushes against the very fabric of space itself.

The Cometeers (1936)

Device provides instantaneous teleportation of selected objects over vast distances.

One Against The Legion (1939)

Geofractor Shield
Protects the bearer against unwanted geofractor use.

One Against The Legion (1939)

An atomic powered, miniaturized means of propulsion.

One Against The Legion (1939)

Hall of Euthanasia - a death trap
A place for (mostly) voluntary suicide.

One Against The Legion (1939)

Ground vehicle that can also lift off like a helicopter.

The Prince of Space (1931)

Helix Gun
A device for capturing ferrous meteors.

Salvage in Space (1933)

An incomparably beautiful and rare jewel.

Star of Dreams (1941)

Igloo-Shaped Space Shelter
Easy to set up on airless asteroids.

Collision Orbit (1942)

Ion Drive
A space drive that emits a stream of ions as reaction mass; it starts out slow but builds up to interstellar speeds.

Equalizer (1947)

Laboratory Planet
A toy planet created in a laboratory; a fully functional world in miniature.

The Pygmy Planet (1932)

A kind of seeing device like a short-range telescope.

The Doom From Planet 4 (1931)

Magnetic Anchor
A means of affixing an anchor point on a spacecraft hull.

Dead Star Station (1933)

Magnetic Clamps
Used for attaching your craft to a larger spaceship.

Twelve Hours To Live (1931)

Magnetic Sandals - stick around
Special footgear to walk in zero-gee spacecraft.

Star of Dreams (1941)

Manmade Black Hole
Using the power of a hole in the continuum.

One Against The Legion (1939)

Matter Annihilation Ray
A beam that forces electrons into protons, thereby destroying ordinary matter.

Twelve Hours To Live (1931)

Metal Monster with Jointed Limbs
A large robotic device with legs.

The Doom From Planet 4 (1931)

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