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Jack Vance was born in California in 1916 (d. 2013), published his first story in 1945. Vance's work defies easy description; his highly literate style is not what most science fiction readers expect. His work has won many awards, including two Hugos, a Nebula, the World Fantasy Award, an Edgar (for mystery) and the SFWA Grandmaster award for his lifetime of work.

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In an unusual tribute to Vance, his entire output of stories and novels is being collected in the Vance Integral Edition, a volunteer effort by hundreds of fans.

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Luminescent Vial
A glass tube full of luminescent algae; used to provide some measure of light underground.

The Dragon Masters (1962)

Magnetic Pinions - electromagnetic cuffs
Remote control electromagnetic handcuffs.

Worlds of Origin (1958)

A device used to search for information, which is then presented on a convenient screen.

The Kokod Warriors (1952)

Monoline - overland sailing
A wind-driven overland transport.

Big Planet (1952)

Moon Moth - a plain and timid mask
A rather plain and timid mask.

The Moon Moth (1976)

One-Man Car
A small transport vehicle.

The Houses of Iszm (1954)

One-Way Passage
A different way to assure permanent egress.

The Houses of Iszm (1954)

Platform Flyer
A small craft suitable for journeys close to the ground.

The Star King (1964)

Pocket Display Projector - a nano-projector
A pocketsized projector capable of displaying high resolution images so they can be viewed by a group of people.

The Anome (1971)

A living chair, grown by the Iszc to perform its function.

The Houses of Iszm (1954)

Polarized Window
Rather than curtains, use the window to control the light.

The Houses of Iszm (1954)

Power-Wagon - legless beast of burden
Wagon powered by muscular creature from Etamin 9; uses carbohydrate syrup for fuel.

The Last Castle (1967)

Public Vehicle Tube
Underground transportation tubes.

The Houses of Iszm (1954)

Radiant - just like RFID
A chip that is injected into the shoulder, providing positioning and information about the subject.

The Houses of Iszm (1954)

Radiant Shield
A device that would effectively prevent an implanted radiant from being detected or read.

The Houses of Iszm (1954)

Receptor Tape - very thin microphone
A thin, flexible material that can pick up sounds.

The Face (1979)

A natural fiber that is as strong as steel.

The Howling Bounders (1949)

A self-lighting cigarette.

The Howling Bounders (1949)

Sentry Trees
A set of trees that will allow only those with the safe signal to pass.

The Houses of Iszm (1954)

A hand-held device that literally scrambles the brains of the victim.

The Houses of Iszm (1954)

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