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Jack Vance was born in California in 1916 (d. 2013), published his first story in 1945. Vance's work defies easy description; his highly literate style is not what most science fiction readers expect. His work has won many awards, including two Hugos, a Nebula, the World Fantasy Award, an Edgar (for mystery) and the SFWA Grandmaster award for his lifetime of work.

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In an unusual tribute to Vance, his entire output of stories and novels is being collected in the Vance Integral Edition, a volunteer effort by hundreds of fans.

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Single Seat Scooter
A self-service monocycle.

The Star King (1964)

Skin Toning
Using artificial means to effect a temporary change in skin color.

The Star King (1964)

Solar Sail (Light Sail) - propulsion for spacecraft
A form of propulsion for spacecraft; a sheet of lightweight material reflects light from the sun or other light source.

Sail 25 (1962)

Spray-On Clothing Web
A 'web' clothing foundation that can be sprayed on and then molded by a couturier.

Abercrombie Station (1952)

Spray-On Gloves
Fashionable evening gloves that are sprayed onto the hand and arm.

Abercrombie Station (1952)

A general term for surveillance devices that will follow a subject and record speech or video.

The Star King (1964)

Stimic - instrument for cool disapproval
A musical instrument consisting of three flutelike tubes equipped with plungers; thumb and forefinger squeeze a bag to force air across the mouthpieces.

The Moon Moth (1976)

Strakh - prestige in payment
The prestige or social prominence which serves as a medium of exchange on the planet Sirene.

The Moon Moth (1976)

Surface Slider
A small, lightweight craft.

The Star King (1964)

Syrup Sac - kind of like those gravity flow beer hats
A device used to provide an efficient source of nutrition to Meks, servants of the aristocrats of Earth.

The Last Castle (1967)

Tand - an abstract venerated sculpture
A metal sculpture, made in contemplation, which has great meaning for the initiates.

The Dragon Masters (1962)

The Hub
A large space resort consisting of inhabitable bubbles in a metal framework.

Worlds of Origin (1958)

Thought Pattern Divination
Attempting to construct the thoughts of a person by imitating their actions.

The Houses of Iszm (1954)

Three Generation Work (Century Piece)
An artwork created by three consecutive generations of artists, in exactly one century.

The Sub-Standard Sardines (1949)

Trans-Space Transmission
A curious method of communication between worlds.

The Moon Moth (1976)

Tri-Type Record - 3D reduced to two
A printed card that stores information about a person, including a perfect three-dimensional representation.

The Houses of Iszm (1954)

Undersea Restaurant
A restaurant located in its entirety under the sea.

The Star King (1964)

Universal Technical Consultative Service
Interstellar travel plans calculated, reserved and confirmed.

The Star King (1964)

Walking Fort - a fort with robotic legs
A biomimetic fort based on the model of a centipede.

The Killing Machine (1964)

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