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Fritz Leiber (1910-1992) was a noted American author of fantasy, horror and science fiction. Two of his novels were awarded Hugos and two of his short stories were given Hugos as well.

(Fritz Leiber)

His Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser series, written over a period of fifty years, created and defined the "sword and sorcery" genre. He acted in several films, and was an expert fencer and chess player.

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Adjustable House
A house with elastic walls and structural members, the shape of which can be changed.

Gather, Darkness! (1943)

Cheekplate Container - exoskeleton accessory
Special compartment of an exoskeleton; provides easy access to medical supplies related to survive heavy gravity environments.

A Specter is Haunting Texas (1968)

Cyborg Collar - controlled work gangs
A device worn around the neck that controls the person for the duration of a working day.

A Specter is Haunting Texas (1968)

Holds a space craft in gravity.

They Never Came Back (1941)

Binoculars with electronic focusing.

A Specter is Haunting Texas (1968)

Exoskeleton (Medical) - first look
Specially designed for Thins, eight-foot tall microgravity humans.

A Specter is Haunting Texas (1968)

Force Pencil
Device straps to forearm, projects a force beam.

Gather, Darkness! (1943)

Abbreviation for "faster than light".

The Enchanted Forest (1950)

Green Guk
Algae that produces essential oxygen as a byproduct.

The Beat Cluster (1961)

Inflatable Living-Globe
An inflatable bubble in space, suitable for human habitation.

The Beat Cluster (1961)

Inviolability Field
A kind of field of force built into a robe, to protect an individual person.

Gather, Darkness! (1943)

Mechanical Bride - woman or robot
A perfect robotic replica of a woman.

The Mechanical Bride (1954)

Pail of Air
A small bucket filled with (liquid) air.

A Pail of Air (1951)

Pain Canopy
Pain by nerve induction improves interrogation.

Gather, Darkness! (1943)

Personality Alteration
Permanent alternation of personality, the tools of the trade.

Gather, Darkness! (1943)

Polyfrequency Neutralizer
Dissolves projected solidographs (holograms).

Gather, Darkness! (1943)

Filtration system to remove dust and other particulates from the atmosphere in space stations.

The Beat Cluster (1961)

Pressurized Penthouse
A stratospheric perch - if buildings are tall enough, you'll need this.

Bread Overhead! (1958)

Rod of Wrath - a light sabreur
A sword made of light.

Gather, Darkness! (1943)

Transparent and flexible material, even against hard vacuum in space.

The Beat Cluster (1961)

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