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by Jerry Pournelle (w/L. Niven)

Excellent novel by Niven and Pournelle. It deals with the problems inherent in running a very large city that is contained all in one building - an arcology. Great plot and characters, this novel also explores and compares the differences between feudal systems and modern democratic ones.

Science fiction in the News articles describe real-world events that relate to the ideas and inventions in sf novels and movies. Select a news article:

Bush Signs Nanotech R&D Act
   At 2:10 P.M. EST this afternoon, President Bush is scheduled to sign the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act into law.

Tunnel Boring Machine B6 For Sale
   580 tonne boring machine used to dig the Eurotunnel on sale now - perfect ornament for the garden.

Rotundus And Rover: Robotic And Fictional Guardians (Updated)
   The Rotundus robot is a rather unusual spherical bot that moves using an internal pendulum. The robot was originally designed for planetary exploration at the Ångström Space Technology Center, part of Uppsala University, Sweden.

Rats Communicate Brain-to-Brain
   'Very useful gadget, but you can communicate with a computer about as well with a good briefcase console.'- Pournelle and Niven, 1981.

PEBBLES Robot - Teleconferencing For Kids At NextFest 2006
   The innovative PEBBLES robot received a da Vinci award for adaptive and assistive technology this week.

Reborg-Q May You Shop In Peace
   Not just a mall walker, this robot can sense water and fire, check employee security badges and even make promotional announcements.

Porta-Person Remote Conferencing Stand-In
   Remote-controlled portable person helps teleconferencers be in two places at once.

HeadThere Giraffe Telepresence Robot
   This is a pretty cool-looking example of an inexpensive remote-controlled telepresence device.

DIY Telepresence By Teleoperated Robot
   Do it yourself telepresence robotics makes IvanAnywhere cool.

Thoughts Become Words With Brain Implant
   The wish may be the father of the thought, but now the thought can directly father the word - with brain implants.

MegaLondoner Arcology Fantasized
   London is going to need something spectacular, if there really are a million more people planning to live there in the next eight years.

Real-Time Mind-Controlled Robotic Limbs Soon?
   Cyborg research is proceeding apace in Japan's Osaka University.

7 Day Old Baby Meets Telepresence Robot Dad
   Very interesting application of medical rounding robots usually used to work with adults who understand what's going on.

Tmsuk Telepresence Shopper Cell Phone-Controlled
   Interesting robot is controlled by the user with a cell phone; go shopping by remote control. Now, that's a cool cell phone app.

Synthetic Telepathy For US Military Borg-Style
   Yet another scheme for direct interpretation of thought - financed with a big grant from the US Army.

Rotundus Groundbot Robotic Spherical Guardian Video
   Take a look at the latest version of the Rotundus spherical robot - it's a beauty. With a GroundBot's eye view video.

Robotic Lunar 'MoonDigger' Bulldozers Planned By NASA
   Interesting proposal to make use of teleoperated MoonDiggers to prepare landing pads for upcoming missions to the lunar surface.

Robotic Bulldozer Force Doubles In Israel
   These remote-controlled behemoths are under control for now.

In-Home Surveillance For 20K Brit Families
   Not content with constant monitoring by more CCTV cameras per person than any other nation, Britain wants to put them in the homes of problem families as well.

Regolith Excavation Challenge Yields Prize Money
   Updated! Someone finally took some NASA prize money home in this remote lunar digging competition.

Intel Developing Brain Chip Computer Interface
   'Very useful gadget, but you can communicate with a computer about as well with a good briefcase console.' I still want my computer communication implant.

NASA Project M Robot Avatar On Moon
   Would it be possible to wake up on the Moon, Avatar-style? Interesting proposal to put telepresence robots on the Moon.

MeBot Robot Avatar Telepresence
   Interesting telepresence robot from MIT specializes in non-verbal communication.

Telepresence Robot Roundup With Anybot
   The field of telepresence robotics is starting to heat up; take a look at this roundup to see the variety of functions performed.

iRobot AVA Telepresence Robot With iPad
   If iRobot is entering the field of tele-operated robotics, the business case must be good.

Videochat Robot: DIY Telepresence Robot
   Another great project from Mr. Chung, this one lets you be in two places at once for just $500.

Building The World Wide Mind
   The mind in the cloud? This concept is explored in a new book.

Project Black Mirror Thought-Controlled iPhone
   Think and communicate - with Siri on your iPhone.

Kuri Robot Roams Your Home, Taking Pictures
   'Small devices with cameras and sound equipment which could move freely...'

Brainput Finds Help For Your Brain
   'I used my implant to tell MILLIE what we wanted and she took care of it...'

Double Robotics iPad-Based Telepresence Robot
   'Rand could effectively be in several places at once...'

Beam Yourself To Distant Places
   'If he sent out two or three of the small tele-operated devices... Rand could effectively be in several places at once...' - Niven and Pournelle, 1981.

Wireless Brain-Computer Interface
   'I used my implant to tell MILLIE [a mainframe computer] what we wanted and she took care of it," Art said.'- Pournelle and Niven, 1981.

Iceberg Harvesting Off Newfoundland's Coast
   'Five hundred billion gallons worth of Antarctic iceberg had been towed into Santa Monica Bay.'- Pournelle and Niven, 1981.

Telepresence In The Office
   'That led to his development of robot probes; small devices with cameras and sound equipment which could move freely... under direct control.' - Niven and Pournelle, 1981.

Sticker Harvests Energy From Your Skin
   Another way to harvest power from the body.

Moon Express Lunar Robot Mining: Shine On, Harvest Moon
   'The bulldozer moved through the lunar strip mine... ' - Pournelle and Niven, 1981.

Neuralink, The Latest Elon Musk Passion
   'I used my implant to tell MILLIE [a mainframe computer] what we wanted...' - Pournelle and Niven, 1981.

Temi Robotic Telepresence Roommate
   'Small [telepresence] devices with cameras and sound equipment which could move freely...' - Niven and Pournelle, 1981.

Lunatix Lunar Rover Will Accept YOUR Commands!
   'The bulldozer moved through the lunar strip mine... ' - Niven and Pournelle, 1981.

Tetraplegics Dominate Avatar Races
   Well, just speaking brain-to-computer...

BrainNet Social Network Of Brains
   'I used my implant to tell MILLIE what we wanted and she took care of it' - Pournelle and Niven, 1981.

Viisights AI Hones Video Surveillance
   ''The math boys worked it out...' Pournelle and Niven, 1981.

Airbnb Has Surveillance Device Suggestions
   'Ma'am, this is Central Security... I think you'd better have a look.' - Pournelle and Niven, 1981.

Ford Uses Obedient Robot Dogs To Update Facilities Maps
   'If he sent out two or three of the small tele-operated devices... [he] could see machinery and construction details in real time from both above and below.' - Niven and Pournelle, 1981.

Armano Remote Control Excavator
   'The bulldozer moved through the... mine... ' - Niven and Pournelle, 1981. is devoted to the creative inventions of science fiction authors and movie makers. Look for the Science Fiction Invention Category that interests you, the Glossary of Science Fiction Inventions, the Timeline of Science Fiction Inventions, or see what's New.
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re: Isaac Asimov

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re: Michel Verne

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