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Related to material in 2001: A Space Odyssey
by Arthur C. Clarke

This novel was written at the same time that Stanley Kubrick created the film by the same name. The novel contains many wonderful details that are not present in the movie. The basic story is simple: a mysterious monolith, or stone monuments, is found on the moon. Investigators are led to Jupiter, where more mysteries are found. This novel contains a lot of references to the Hal 9000 computer, one of the first artificially intelligent computers created in fiction.

Science fiction in the News articles describe real-world events that relate to the ideas and inventions in sf novels and movies. Select a news article:

Robots and Emotion: Tetchy the Turtle Meets HAL-9000
   In 2001: A Space Odyssey and in I, Robot, robots had the ability to understand human emotion. Affective Media, based in Scotland, is working on it now.

Tweel - (Almost) A Smart Wheel
   Michelin is introducing the Tweel - a combination of wheel and tire that could offer a number of benefits to owners of wheeled vehicles. Unlike most Michelin tires sold in the past century, the Tweel is unique - it does not use air to cushion the rid

Dyson Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner Is Self-Diagnosing
   James Dyson has added a new feature to his vacuum cleaners - they can tell service personnel exactly what the problem is. All you need to do is "phone home" - that is, call the service center.

In-Flight Wi-Fi Gives Me Clarke Moment
   Actually, yes, Arthur C. Clarke's vision of checking the news on a tablet computer while in flight can be improved upon...

Sony Reader Electronic Paper Book
   Sony tries again with the Sony Reader - much improved DRM over its lockdown predecessor the LIBRIe.

XPod Activity And Emotion Aware Mobile Music Player
   A sensitive iPod? These researchers have a player that knows what you want before you do.

News E-Papers From Plastic Logic
   Newspads and mediatrons, science fiction staples, are now making the prototyping rounds.

Computerized Lip-Reading Crime Fighters
   Interesting project to teach computers how to lip-read automatically.

Sony DataTiles Inspired By What SF Movie?
   The cool Sony DataTiles are back in the news, and they were inspired by a particular science fiction movie.

Big Brother To Read Lips Like HAL
   The British are at it again, taking a technology designed to deal with criminals, and applying it to everyone.

HAL-Buffett 9000 To Make 50 Percent Of Trades By 2010
   The computers are taking over at Wall Street firms this year.

Frustration-Detection System Patented By Microsoft
   I seem to recall an earlier, science-fictional solution to this problem.

Nanny Robot Senses Emotions Of Autistic Children
   This robot may be able to use its emotion-sensing abilities to take over for people in the care of autistic children.

Roomba Detects Emotions Like HAL-9000
   Just wait until this device is used to control more powerful technology. Let sleeping Krell lie, I say.

Machine Dispenses Snacks When Economy Goes Bad
   This device responds to bad economic news by dispensing comfort food. Would HAL have done better to offer Dave Bowman some nice snacks rather than a stress pill?

Computer Learns Sign Language From TV
   Human beings just don't have that many ways to communicate basic (ie, life-sustaining) ideas in ways that are outside the realm of a computer's understanding. Now, another safety barrier falls.

Buying a Tablet Computer?
   I think that tablet computers might just make it this time around. Here's why.

NASA's Spring Tire For Improved Lunar Mileage
   The tires on the original Lunar Roving Vehicle were fantastic; however, plans to drive the LRVs of the future for thousands, not merely hundreds, of kilometers means we need better tires.

Robots Learn To Lie
   What are the consequences for humanity if we encourage robots to learn how to lie? What are the consequences for the robots?

Computers Now Lip Read Like Humans
   Remember that very far-fetched scene in 2001 where a computer reads lips? Not so far-fetched anymore.

Lev, Theremin-Playing Robot
   Pretty cool DIY robotic device reprises a classic song from the 1950's, the same ere during which the theremin dominated sf movie soundtracks.

Samurai CCTV System Targets Suspicious People
   And you used to be concerned about human beings watching you on CCTVs, looking for suspicious behavior.

Nokia Feel Emotional Recommendation Engine
   Is Nokia really this far behind Apple in the cellphone business?

SASI Sarcasm Recognition A Really Useful Invention
   Better watch what you say around automated voice recognition systems the next time you call customer service.

Murdoch To Create Digital News-Paper
   In which Rupert Murdoch demonstrates his mastery of future technology.

Brian Robot Reads Your Emotions, Then Creeps You Out
   'I can tell from your voice harmonics, Dave, that you're badly upset.'

Computer Recognizes Human Emotions From Conversation
   What are the practical applications of a computer that can correctly infer emotions from speech?

Robot Pianist Is Self-Correcting
   This little robot is just starting out, but it can listen and learn from its own mistakes.

iRing Lunar Flex-Wheel
   Might these wheels also work on Earth? Lunar expeditions are somewhat chancy these days.

Antenna Repairmen In Fact And Fiction
   'I am completely operational, and all my circuits are functioning perfectly.'

Voice Stress Detection In Emergency Callers
   Take two stress pills and call me in the morning.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs. iPad 2 vs. Clarke's Newspad
   What a world we live in; science-fictional devices are readily available.

DARPA's Sarcasm Detector Totes Gets Your Drift
   'TARS, what's your sarcasm setting?' '100 percent.' - from Interstellar.

Samsung Cites 'Space Odyssey' Newspad Against iPad In Patent Suit
   Should a science fiction movie be used as 'prior art' in a patent dispute?

Computer Knows You're Mad, Chills You Out
   Those irritating computerized voice recognition systems may make you less annoyed.

Kinect 2 Could Read Lips - Like HAL
   Don't talk about disconnecting your Kinect 2 in front of your Kinect 2.

MIT Smile Research Knows Your Real One
   'Why don't you take a stress pill and get some rest?'

RASC-AL Lunar Wheel Design Challenge Is ON!
   ' tanker rolled on the peculiar flex-wheels which had proved one of the best all-purpose ways of getting around on the Moon.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1968

Deceptive Robots Learn Lying From Squirrels
   'HAL was told to lie - by people who find it easy to lie.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.

Could You Kill A Robot With Human Characteristics?
   'My mind is going... I can feel it...'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.

Sony's A4-Sized Flexible Digital Paper Notepad
   '...he would plug his foolscap-sized Newspad into the ship's information circuit and scan the latest reports...'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.

Auto Emotion Detector Lets Your Car Know Your Mood
   'Why don't you take a stress pill and get some rest?'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.

Visual Speech Recognition - When Will HAL Read Lips For Real?
   Will computers be able to read lips?

Do You Want A Tablet Computer? Or, Fad Over?
   'He would plug his foolscap-sized Newspad into the ship's information circuit'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.

Data Mining Computers Detect Your Emotions
   'I can tell from your voice harmonics, Dave, that you're badly upset.'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.

Google AI 'Deep Dreams' Kubrick's 2001
   'I was only trying to do what I thought best....' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.

Microsoft's Surface Book Is Part Clipboard
   'Floyd sometimes wondered if the Newspad, and the fantastic technology behind it, was the last word in man's quest for perfect communications...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.

Twitter Sarcasm Detected By Computer

Pothole Detection Technology Expands
   'It would adapt its shape and diameter to the terrain...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.

Computers Learning To Read Lips
   No, it's safe, HAL can't read your lips now...

IBM Tone Analyzer - Like HAL 9000
   'I can tell from your voice harmonics...' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.

Robots That 'Feel' Real Emotions
   How do you feel about emotional robots and computers? No, really, you should share.

Will Astronauts Get iPads In Space?
   'He would plug his foolscap-sized Newspad into the ship's information circuit'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.

AI Lip Reading Better Than Human, Like HAL 9000
   Nothing to worry about, until computers control most vital systems.

LipNet Reads Lips - Until Disconnected, That Is
   'We'd have to cut his higher brain functions... I'm not sure what [HAL} would think about that.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.

An 'Ethical Black Box' For Robots?
   Explored by science fiction authors.

When Robots Beg For Their Lives
   "Just what do you think you're doing... Dave.'

First Lunar Water, Then... Monolith?
   'It looks brand new, doesn't it?' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.

Back In The Office? Relearn To Smile
   'I must, therefore, overrule your authority, since you are not in any condition to exercise it intelligently.' - Arthur C. Clarke, 1968.

Google Engineer Convinced LaMDA Chatbot Is Sentient, Is Sent Home
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