Space Elevator (Orbital Tower)

A physical link between a point on the surface of the Earth and a satellite in geosynchronous orbit. (Read the full article)

"Apparently, somebody's building a space elevator! Check"
( 5/9/2005 1:59:24 AM )
"If the space elevator used superconductive maglev, at a liftoff acceleration of 0.03g (the occupants would feel 1.03g, hardly noticable), within 14 minutes they would be 100 km above Earth, & would feel 1.0g, due to the loss of g with altitude. Hold 1 g as it climbs & the acceleration increases dramataclly with altitude, yet the load would be only the weight of the elevator. Turnaroud about halfway, then in reverse. Time to docking about 1-1/2 hours!"
(Tom Reesor 6/3/2006 8:37:33 AM )
"Don't beam power to the climber; carbon is conductive, so just have two insulated cables. Don't have a mass above geosynch height; just have more cable. If you let go below geosynch, you get an elliptical LEO (low Earth Orbit), somewhat above geosynch you go to the moon, enough above geosynch, you get escape velocity for launch into the solar system."
(Arlin Anderson 10/11/2006 3:38:38 PM )

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