Free-fall Couch

Furniture that achieves the comfort of free-fall, the weightless condition normally achieved only in space. (Read the full article)

(mike 10/11/2004 10:40:43 AM )
"Actually, there is something alike in Engineers of the Ring by Niven - gravic bed "
( 11/13/2006 10:56:04 PM )
"Accurate terminology is used in your definition of the free-fall couch, i.e., free-fall and weightless condition only achieved for prolonged periods in the unpowered phase of space travel. But further down the page you incorrectly refer to two orbital flights in 1998 as "zero gravity." If their vehicle was in zero gravity it would not have left its circular orbit and sped away from our planet in a straight path. Their weightlessness is due to the centrifugal force of their orbit canceling the force of Earth's gravity, which in a 200 nautical mile orbit is only about 5% less than on the surface of the Earth, since Earth's gravity varies inversely with the square of the distance from the Earth's center of mass. See"
(Barry Mendelsohn 8/7/2010 9:25:40 AM )
"Barry - thanks for pointing it out. I try to maintain a scientifically correct site, but sometimes I fall into the errors that are so common on tech sites."
(Bill Christensen 8/7/2010 2:40:09 PM )

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