A humanoid robot; a robot in the shape of a person. (Read the full article)

"The term was also used a couple of times in the X-Files. In the episode "Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'", when Blaine Faulkner is describing his encounter with Mulder, he describes him this way: "And the other one, the tall lanky one, his face was so blank and expressionless. He didn't seem human. I think he was a mandroid. The only time he reacted was when he saw the dead alien." This word seems to have been referenced a few seasons later (I've seen people say the reference in the following episode was a direct reference to this episode). In the episode "Dreamland" (part 2), there are two headlines in the Lone Gunmen newspaper that use the word: "Saddam testing Mandroid Army in Army Iraqi Desert'" "Monica: Minx Or Mandroid?""
(Justin 4/17/2004 10:44:28 AM )
"The name goes back before the 90s. It first appears in Marvel Comic Books (70's, at least) as a battlesuit."
(jg 4/17/2004 10:50:32 AM )
"The term mandroid was used in the 1985 animated feature 'Starchaser: The Legend of Orin', in which it identifies what appears to be an insane robot that incorporates biological components into itself — sort of a reverse cyborg."
(Orb99 1/3/2005 2:33:03 AM )
"The term "Mandroid" as a robotic human stems from MUCH earlier as I have been seeing it in common usage in most Marvel Comics such as Iron Man, The Avengers, Captain America, etc., since the 70s."
(Scott 10/16/2007 1:26:19 PM )
"The term 'mandroid' is used in the Marvel comics universe to describe a suit of powered armor worn by human beings. It first appeared in a December, 1971 issue of Avengers.
Here's the basic description:
'The Mandroid power armor is constructed of a titanium alloy that provides a fair deal of protection from physical and energy attacks; the suit also offers an internal air supply and life support systems. Sensors include infrared scanners and radar/sonar, and the suits contain a full-range radio and loudspeaker. The suits increase the wearer's strength and stamina, though not to superhuman degrees. The main feature is the wide array of offensive weaponry -- electrostatic beams, lasers, magnetic force "punch-blasters", "neuro-stunners", and tractor/repellor beams have all been exhibited.' Read more at Mandroid at Wikipedia."
( 10/16/2007 2:28:54 PM )

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