Procreative Stump

A woman's torso, kept alive for the purpose of using the womb as an incubator. (Read the full article)

" This is not a million miles from the research being done in England by a doctor with links to the Vatican's science department, the Academia del linci: he has already kept monkey heads and bodies alive seperately by putting a 70 microvolt current into the seperated parts to maintain their nervous function. One idea behind the Catholic support is to use brian-dead mothers as receptacles for unwanted pregancies to be brought to term and then adpoted by Catholic couples who are infertile. "
(DFStuckey 3/6/2006 2:01:41 AM )
"so practically using the remains of a deceased wich are forced to stay functional or alive as a breeding ground for transplanted embryos wich otherwise would have been arborted so a few zealous selfish couples can get children by abusing a corpse? ... is it me or is the church as sick as ever... and i thought witchhunts and crusades where a dark chapter but that shots down the bird O.O"
(sebastian 1/9/2008 8:38:21 PM )
"Might be an easier solution than an creating an artificial womb. However, hormone regulation for feotal development without the brain would be a challenge."
( 6/1/2008 8:31:13 PM )
"That's a really good point; I wonder how much of the 'intelligence' of the baby-making machinery is actually contained locally, in the womb and surrounding tissues. I'm betting a lot of the monitoring and 'intelligence' is provided locally."
(Bill Christensen 6/2/2008 8:08:10 PM )
"I see no evidence for the insane claim that the Catholic Church is planning "to use brian-dead mothers as receptacles for unwanted pregancies to be brought to term". Probably just anti-Catholic propaganda."
(StuckFuckey 3/23/2010 12:17:29 AM )

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