Bounce Tube

A people-sized pneumatic tube system used for short, quick trips in the vertical dimension. (Read the full article)

""Drop Shafts" and "Grav Shafts" which seem to be much the smae thing appear in _Galactic patrol_ by E. E. Smith which appeared in 1937."
(David E. Siegel 11/30/2004 9:37:07 AM )
"David - you're right. I've added drop shaft. I guess I always assumed that a bounce tube was a pneumatic tube of some sort. The drop shaft operates by neutralizing inertia."
(Bill Christensen 1/14/2005 2:33:14 PM )
"I always felt that the tubes in The Jetsons used antigravity, or perhaps force fields. I never thought it was pneumatic. Maybe it was."
(Xenophile 6/7/2005 10:47:21 AM )
"Futurama shows similar tubes, only longer and horizontal. The landings are bumpy, but that's okay cos cartoon characters are made of rubber! "
(Moondragon 9/2/2005 3:47:19 PM )
"imagine a conveyance which would be half bus, half air craft. Air bearings on a flat wide track. motive power to outside electrical outriggers. betcha it could really get moving. "
( 10/28/2008 1:04:26 PM )
"Someone invented a humane prairie dog control that's basically a big vacuum cleaner that sucks the prairie dogs right out of their holes. The inside of the holding tank is padded so the little critters don't get hurt when they plop down. "
(Moondragon 5/15/2009 3:49:09 AM )

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