A transformer to step down house current for the wire providing current directly to the pleasure center of the brain. (Read the full article)

"The Droud comes about! Check out this article at Wired! about using magnetic fields to stimulate the emotion centers in depressed patients. How long until they figure out how to stimulate the pleasure centers in perfectly healthy humans?
Shock Therapy, Version 2.0
(This is a cool article; the fifties style illustrations are particularly creepy! However, the most interesting feature of this device is that it is not invasive; a droud required a wire into the brain.
( 2/2/2006 5:01:31 PM )
"Thanks also to BCF for a correction to this article."
(Bill Christensen 8/5/2007 12:59:13 PM )
"Didn't Michael Crichton's novel "The Terminal Man" also cover this notion? A movie was made based on the book back in the 1970's, with George Segal, as I recall."
( 10/10/2007 6:59:37 AM )

More info on Droud

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