Usuform Robot Bartender

A robotic bartender that is designed along purely functional lines. (Read the full article)

"Love this story. A bartender friend of mine and I worked up a passible version of a "Three Planets" using Terran liquors only. Take an Old Fashioned glass, put in it (in this order;trust me)1 shot of 151 rum, 1 shot of Mr. Boston's Creme de Noyeaux (or amaretto), 4 drops of Angostura bitters - don't stir it! Then carefully, gently spoon a tbsp of 151 rum on top of the liquid already in the glass and light it immediately with a match (the fumes from a butane lighter will alter the flavor; I told you to trust me). Let it burn for ten seconds, snuff it out (a bar coaster works nicely for this) and toss the first sip straight down your throat. Be careful not to burn your lip on the hot glass. Don't thank me, just pass it on."
(Frank Jaworski 9/24/2008 9:03:21 PM )

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