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Michael Swanwick (b. 1950) is an American science fiction author. He won the 1991 Nebula for Best Novel for Stations of the Tide and four Hugo award-winning short stories. His work has been translated into at least ten different languages.

Science fiction in the News articles describe real-world events that relate to the ideas and inventions in sf novels and movies. Select a news article:

Is Social Media Saving Space Travel?
   'Officially, they were delighted to share their experiences with the public.' - Michael Swanwick
Robotic Fish From China
   A robotic fish designed for underwater archaeology, mapping, water cultivation and even fishing has been co-developed by the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
Robofish Autonomous Fish-bot At London Acquarium
   Autonomous fish-bots based on the common carp are swimming free in the London Aquarium.
Robot Turtle Madeline Flipper Science
   Cool robo-turtle executes complex manuevers effortlessly due to its flipper controls.
Robotic Carps Swims Realistically In London
   Video of autonomous fishbot carp reveals fishlike robotic success.
RoboSalmon Are Descended From SHARCs
   Ah, the RoboSalmon are returning to Glasgow, Scotland to spawn... Well, they are building the first one there.
Liquid Lakes On Titan Ready For Robofish
   Newly available radar imaging data from Cassini's latest flyby appears to confirm it.
Antarctic ENDURANCE Robot Helps NASA Explore Europa
   Get closer to Jupiter's moon Europa at the University of Wisconsin campus this week.
Robofish Swim Autonomously And Communicate Wirelessly
   Robotic fish are coming right along; now they can talk with each other.
Tai-robot-kun Robot Sea Bream
   This robot fish looks almost good enough to eat; if it swims autonomously by, however, it's just doing its job.
Titan's Liquid Lakes, Beaches Proven
   Exciting photos prove that Titan really does have liquid lakes and pristine beaches.
Robotic Fish To Detect Pollution
   These lifelike robotic fish will use chemical sensors to find the source of hazardous pollutants in the water.
Robot AquaPenguins Soar Underwater
   This robot has an extremely flexible 'fuselage' or body that helps it move uncannily like a real penguin. Note: this article now has video!
MIT Robofish Now More Fishy
   No longer mechanical contraptions with thousands of moving parts, these modern robotic fish are sleek imitations of life.
The Periodic Table Of Science Fiction Now Online
   Very short stories that are somehow centered around an element are now available online from sf author Michael Swanwick.
Coelacanth Robot Discovered In Japan
   Remarkable robot created mostly from recycled materials; with video and links to lots of robotic fish stories.
Little Robotic Fish Has Solid-Polymer Fuel Cell
   Surprisingly small, this little robot uses a unique power source and design.
Could Robot Fish Lead Gulf Fish To Safety?
   This little robofish has all of the characteristics of a leader - and can really lead schools of fish to safety!
AQUA2 Underwater Robot With Flippers
   Flipper-powered autonomous underwater vehicle.
Robofish Quick As Startled Pike
   Admire the quickness of this new robotic fish; it's eight times quicker than previous robofish.
GhostBot Robotic Ghost Knifefish
   This robot is highly maneuverable, thanks to its body-long fin.
Live from ISS On NASA In HD
   SF fans are familiar with this idea.
Robot Fish Lead, Real Fish Follow
   Real robot fish lead, and actual real fish follow or get out of the way.
Robofish - To Europa!
   It's a long way to Jupiter, so those robotic fish are going to need some help.
SHOAL Robotic Fish Patrol Harbors
   'The Mitsubishi turbot wriggled, as if alive. With one fluid motion, it surged forward, plunged, and was gone.'
BIOSwimmer Robotic Tuna To Patrol Homeland
   'The Mitsubishi turbot wriggled, as if alive.' - Michael Swanwick, 2002.
Grace, MSU's Energy-Efficient Robofish
   'The Mitsubishi turbot wriggled, as if alive.'- Michael Swanwick, 2002.
Robot Fish Now With Autonomous 3D Swimming
   'With one fluid motion, it surged forward, plunged, and was gone.'- Michael Swanwick, 2002.
MIT Robotic Fish Is Self-Contained, Autonomous, Fast
   'The Mitsubishi turbot wriggled, as if alive. With one fluid motion, it surged forward, plunged, and was gone.'- Michael Swanwick, 2002.
NASA Submarine For Titan
   'Straight away from the shore it swam, seeing nothing but flecks of paraffin...' - Michael Swanwick, 2002.
Robo-Dolphin Demonstrates Porpoising
   'With one fluid motion, it surged forward, plunged, and was gone.' - Michael Swanwick, 2002.
Exploring Oceans Across The Solar System
   'Black liquid flashed past the turbotís infrared eyes.' - Michael Swanwick, 2002.
Blood Battery Robotic Fish
   'With one fluid motion, it surged forward, plunged, and was gone.'- Michael Swanwick, 2002. is devoted to the creative inventions of science fiction authors and movie makers. Look for the Science Fiction Invention Category that interests you, the Glossary of Science Fiction Inventions, the Timeline of Science Fiction Inventions, or see what's New.
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