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George O. Smith (b. 1911 - d. 1981) was an American science fiction writer and electronics engineer. He contributed to Astounding Science Fiction in the 1940's; his best-kown work is probably the Venus Equilateral Station story series.

Writing in 1976, Arthur C. Clarke said that George O. Smith was "probably the first writer - certainly the first technically qualified writer - to spell out the uses of space stations for space communications. George Smith, I'm sure, correctly anticipates the future."

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Barytrine Field - planet moving

Troubled Star (1952)

Electromechanical Educator

The Fourth R (1959)

Gravanol - good at high accelerations

QRM - Interplanetary (1942)

Gravitic Generator

Meddler's Moon (1947)

Hedgerly Effect

Meddler's Moon (1947)

Interplanetary Communications Center - sol system switchboard

QRM - Interplanetary (1942)

Martian Sawgrass - air plant

QRM - Interplanetary (1942)

Menslator - mental translation

Troubled Star (1952)

Meteor-Spotting Radar

Recoil (1943)

Space Beacon - variable star will guide you

Troubled Star (1952)

Space Pirate

Impossible Pirates (1946)

Suit-Radio - space suit comm

Long Way (1944)

Venus Equilateral Relay Station

QRM - Interplanetary (1942)

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