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Arthur C. Clarke was born in Somerset, England in 1917 and died in his second home of Sri Lanka in 2008, where he moved in 1956. Best known for 2001: A Space Odyssey and Childhood's End. He has also been honored by scientists; he developed the idea of the geosynchonous satellite.
Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Private Flyer

Childhood's End (1953)

Saga - very early virtual reality reference

The City and the Stars (1956)

SAL 9000

2010 (1982)

Self-Sufficient House

Childhood's End (1953)


Sunjammer (1964)

Solar Yacht

Sunjammer (1964)

Solar Yacht Periscope

Sunjammer (1964)

Space Elevator (Orbital Tower) - best novel reference

The Fountains of Paradise (1978)

Spider Space Elevator Test Vehicle - test the cables

The Fountains of Paradise (1978)

Spider Tripod Robot - three-legged cleaning bot

Rendezvous With Rama (1972)

Spinnerettes - handling nanofibers

The Fountains of Paradise (1978)

Stardrive - not faster than light

Childhood's End (1953)

Stiletto Beam - mysterious beam in vacuum

Earthlight (1955)

Sunlight Blocker

Childhood's End (1953)

TMA-1 - the Tycho monolith

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Virtual Immortality

The City and the Stars (1956)

Voice in the Ear

Childhood's End (1953)

Window-Cleaner Robots

Rendezvous With Rama (1972)

Zero 'g'

Islands in the Sky (1952)

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