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Miles John Breuer (b. 1889 - d. 1945) was an American physician as well as a science fiction writer. The son of Czech immigrants, his first published story was in the Czech language in 1916. Most of his work appeared in Amazing Stories between 1927 and 1942.

See also his collaborations with Clare Winger Harris and John Williamson.

(Miles J. Breuer in 1930)

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Automatic Car (Autonomous)
A car that drives itself; an autonomous vehicle.

Paradise and Iron (1930)

Automatic Truck
A cargo-carrying vehicle that autonomously drives to the selected destination.

Mechanocracy (1932)

Autonomous Ship
A sea-going vessel that can leave port, traverse vast distances, and then dock, entirely without human assistance.

Paradise and Iron (1930)

Electrical Brain
A mechanism that grants memory an intelligence to machines.

Paradise and Iron (1930)

Government Machine
The automata that constitute the entire government, all in one building.

Mechanocracy (1932)

House Cleaning Device
A robotic means of thorough home cleaning.

Paradise and Iron (1930)

A book of three-dimensional pages.

The Book of Worlds (1929)

Leading Machine
An exploratory device; it takes the form of an autonomous motorcycle.

Paradise and Iron (1930)

Meteorite Deflector
A means of pushing aside asteroids that get in the path of your space ship.

On Board the Martian Liner (1931)

No Steering Wheel Autonomous Car
An autonomous vehicle without a wheel for human drivers.

Paradise and Iron (1930)

Pneumatic-Tube Zone
The portion of a city that is served by direct tubes to each dwelling.

Mechanocracy (1932)

Porter Televox-Robot
A robot that carries your bags through the passageways of space liners.

On Board the Martian Liner (1931)

Knock out stick.

Mechanocracy (1932)

Space Liner - first use of phrase
A large, passenger-carrying space ship.

On Board the Martian Liner (1931)

Supervision Robot (Squid)
A wheeled device with tentacular grasping limbs.

Paradise and Iron (1930)

Vision-Based Autonomous Cars
A vehicle that uses a visual sensor to gather information sufficient to safely drive.

Paradise and Iron (1930)

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