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Jack Vance was born in California in 1916 (d. 2013), published his first story in 1945. Vance's work defies easy description; his highly literate style is not what most science fiction readers expect. His work has won many awards, including two Hugos, a Nebula, the World Fantasy Award, an Edgar (for mystery) and the SFWA Grandmaster award for his lifetime of work.

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In an unusual tribute to Vance, his entire output of stories and novels is being collected in the Vance Integral Edition, a volunteer effort by hundreds of fans.

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

A compound that erases specific areas of the brain.

To Live Forever (1956)

Automated Wake-Up Call - the hotel wakes you up
A device that provides automated wake-up calls.

The Kokod Warriors (1952)

A tree, the pods of which can be grown as boats.

The Houses of Iszm (1954)

Celestial Armamentarium - the mechanism of star movements
A small crystal planetarium, in which the stars and planets surrounding Aerlith are seen.

The Dragon Masters (1962)

A device used to detect lying.

The Houses of Iszm (1954)

Color Generator
A variable spectrum light source

The Killing Machine (1964)

Conductive Film - spray on wire
A spray-on conductor capable of carrying a signal.

The Face (1979)

Dray-Fish - harness fish power
Large fish trained to be harnessed to large houseboats.

The Moon Moth (1976)

A person born on planet Earth.

The Five Gold Bands (1950)

Device projects destructive power.

The Last Castle (1967)

Fake-Meter - counterfeit detector
A pocket-sized counterfeit currency detector.

The Killing Machine (1964)

Feeler-Planes - sensors for 3D models
Special sensors that make extremely detailed three-dimensional models.

The Houses of Iszm (1954)

Finger Jet Bath
The ultimate in luxury tubs.

The Houses of Iszm (1954)

Flexible Stem
A long flexible tube that can expand and contract its length quickly.

The Killing Machine (1964)

A very strong alloy like steel.

The Howling Bounders (1949)

House Trees - ultimate tree houses
Living trees grown as houses; large hollow pods serve as living spaces.

The Houses of Iszm (1954)

Identificator - holographic signage
A hologram projector used to flash door signs.

The Star King (1964)

Jet-Powered Aquaplane
Overpowered surface boat.

The Star King (1964)

Kite-Copter Car
An observation car suspended below a device that supplies lift.

The Kokod Warriors (1952)

Lift Chair
A single occupant lifted by great birds.

The Last Castle (1967)

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