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John Keith Laumer (b. 1925 - d. 1993) was an officer in the USAF and also a U.S. diplomat prior to beginning a full-time writing career. In 1971 he suffered a massive stroke which left him unable to write; he recovered somewhat in the mid-1970's.

(Keith Laumer)

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

An highly advanced combat tank controlled by a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence.

Combat Unit (1960)

Claim Beacon
A electronic device that proclaims that a planet has been claimed by a given party.

Retief, the Long-Awaited Master (1969)

Command Microphone - for Battle Commanders
A cloak that served as a microphone and public address system.

Diplomat At Arms (1982)

An artificial being, a pastiche of living and robotic pieces.

Retief, the Long-Awaited Master (1969)

Very hard alloy for tanks.

Honor of the Regiment (2002)

Optical-Effect Suit
An invisibility garment.

A Plague of Demons (1965)

Police Control-Override
A device that allows police officers to take control of an otherwise normal vehicle.

A Plague of Demons (1965)

Skin Suit - a second skin
A very tight-fighting spacesuit, or disguise.

Dinosaur Beach (1971)

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