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Related to material in The Planet Entity
by E.M. Johnson (w/C.A. Smith)

This story, in many ways, is one of the most unusual we have published. Its theme is not only original, but at Mr. Smith’s capable hands, it takes on added meaning.

The mystery of the Martian canals has been explained in many ways. Most authors assume that they are irrigation canals to give water to the dry Martian deserts. Some astronomers believe diat they are merely illusions and do not really exist. Certainly they present to us one of the most fascinating puzzles of modem science.

Messrs. Smith and Johnston have their own explanation for the canals- as a gigantic antic sentient entity. And were this planet entity to exist, it might have an intelligence, an understanding and a power that would make us seem like microbes by comparison.

Yet such an entity might one day enter into our lives on earth, and provoke the cataclysmic storm of events that makes up this powerful story.

('The Planet Entity' by E.M. Johnson and Clarke Ashton Smith)

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