Sucker Bait by Isaac Asimov:
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This novella was written as a triplet publication conceived by editor Fletcher Pratt. A world would be created by a scientist, then Asimov, Poul Anderson and James Blish would each create a story. He and Anderson did the work, but Blish never did. Asimov retained the rights and published it separately.

The scenario created was that of a binary star system in the globular cluster, Messier 13, with an Earthlike planet called Troas (or more informally, "Junior") located at one of the system's Lagrangian points. An earlier expedition to Troas for colonization had suffered some mysterious disaster. Select an invention:

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Science Fiction
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Lightyear 0 World's First Production-Ready Solar Car
re: Robert Heinlein

AI Robots Excel At Trash Sorting And Recycling
re: Harry Harrison

Could Increased Space Rocketry Damage The Ozone Layer?
re: Peter F. Hamilton

Dyson's Secret Household Robots
re: Robert Heinlein

Festo BionicSwift Bird Robots Described In 1930
re: C.E. Heller

Robotics Jobs In The Food Industry
re: C.E. Heller

Prototype 3D Printer Could Print Arteries In Seconds
re: Clifford Simak

China Wants 'Hard Kill' Capability To Counter Starlink Satellites
re: John Brunner

Low-Cost Gel Pulls Water From Atmosphere Like Star Wars Vaporator
re: George Lucas

Pixy Flying Selfie Drone From Snap
re: Karen Traviss

Smallest Remote-Controlled Walking Robot Crabs
re: Raymond Z. Gallun

Pleasure Model Replicants Now Available
re: Alice W. Fuller

Robot Covered In Living Human Skin
re: James Cameron

Dall-E 2 Creates Art To Order
re: F.L. Wallace

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