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"We are all aware of the strange mass or mob psychology that causes thousands of people in a group to be seized with identical impulses so that they act as one person. This control over the minds of thousands would be a power supreme to anyone who could exercise it.

Since people in a mass are responsive to mob psychology, there is no reason why such mental control or waves of compulsion could not be exercised over them. Some students of the subject believe that waves could be broadcast, such as we send our radio waves, that would strike the brains of people and compel them to do things they would not do ordinarily.

We do know that in a feeble way, mental telepathy is possible today. But to extend the power and range of this telepathy so that waves of compulsion could be broadcast would require scientific knowledge far beyond us at the moment. The future, however, should show great advances along this line, and as our author pictures in this strange, exciting tale, it should produce great changes in all human life"

('Waves of Compulsion' by Raymond Z. Gallun)

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