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"IF anyone had seriously predicted ten years ago that hard-headed engineers and scientists were proposing a trip from Berlin to New York in one hour, their sanity would probably have been questioned.

('Berlin to New York in One Hour' by Max Valier)

Such, however, are the rapid advances of science that within the next few decades a trip from Berlin to New York will actually have taken place in an hour or less.

We are particularly happy to present an article by the famous Max Valier, a co-worker of the now illustrious Von Opel and Sander, the creators of the Von Opel rocket-propelled airplane.

Herr Valier stands among the foremost of present day rocket technicians and whatever he writes must be read with respect. As the opinions of an expert, therefore, we are certain that the present article will create nothing less than a sensation."

Although not a fiction story, this is a tremendous work of imagination. Read the full story here. Select an invention:

Trans-Oceanic Rocket Ship
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