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"We offer herewith, to our readers, another of the masterly interplanetary stories of the future, that we have brought from Germany and translated. It is a worthy successor to the thrilling works of Otto Willi Gail, and Otfrid von Hanstein.

The story deals very powerfully with a subject that we think all too little about, yet one that is of the utmost importance to us. We know that our life on earthy ôlike bacteria on the surface of an apple," as our author puts it, is very precarious. An infinitesimal disturbance in the cosmos can wipe us out, just as the bacteria can be wiped from the apple.

('The Cosmic Cloud' by Bruno H. Burgel)

We know that ice ages swept over the earth, and destroyed a good part of humanity. It is even possible that, in a past age, humanity may have risen to a respectable degree of civilization, only to be thrown back to the level of the brute by a cosmic cataclysm.

There is no reason why some force outside the earth, even outside the solar system, cannot operate again to endanger or destroy us. And what would man do, if such as the Cosmic Cloud arrived and threatened once more to beat our race back to the savagery from which we have painfully climbed? The story answers these questions in a really remarkable tale." Select an invention:

Message Cylinder (Message Bomb)
A means of sending dispatches from space via a small projectile dropped from orbit; effectively a message rocket.

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