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Frank Herbert (1920-1986) was born in Tacoma, Washington. He worked in many fields before becoming a writer; TV cameraman, radio news commentator, oyster diver, judo instructor and newspaperman. His towering novel Dune won the Hugo and Nebula awards. Select a novel or story title to see the inventions from that work:

Cease Fire, Conde Nast, 1958

Children of Dune, Putnam, 1976

Dragon in the Sea, Doubleday, 1956

Dune, Putnam, 1965

Dune Messiah, Putnam, 1969

God Emperor of Dune, Putnam, 1981

Hellstrom's Hive, Bantam Books, 1972

Heretics of Dune, Putnam, 1984

The Dosadi Experiment, Berkley Putnam, 1977

The Godmakers, Berkley Medallion, 1972

The Tactful Saboteur, Galaxy, 1964

Whipping Star, Galaxy Publishing, 1969






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