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National Archives And Dune's House Records
Who's thought about records spanning milennia? Frank Herbert, that's who. (re: Frank Herbert)

USB Memory 'Swiss'
Karen Traviss thinks about the USB Memory Swiss Army knife a year in advance of the press release. (re: Karen Traviss)

Cormorant Submarine/Sea Launched MPUAV
The Cormorant submarine and sea launched vehicle concept may remind you of science fiction glories past. (re: Gerry Anderson)

Palm Vein Authentication First, Then Book
No more worries about lost library cards; just flash your palm at the reader. (re: William Gibson)

Air Warrior Microclimatic Cooling Garments Tested By Army
The Army is testing personal cooling vests for soldiers in Iraq; Philip K. Dick suggested them in the sixties. (re: Philip K. Dick)

USB Bible Tougher Than Filament OC Bible
More durable than the filament paper book; good for space travellers. (re: Frank Herbert)

Robotic Space Spiders To Crawl Sub-Orbital Web
Very cool upcoming space launch, in which minisatellites hold out a web while small space spider robots crawl in microgravity. (re: Charles Sheffield)

Crickets Now Have 'Holodeck'
Crickets get theirs first, thanks to helpful humans. (re: Gene Roddenberry)

Implanted Biothermal RFID Chips May Warn Of Avian Flu
Digital Angel, which makes VeriChips for humans, suggests using its thermal biosensing chips to check chickens for avian flu. (re: William Gibson)

Robotic Sentry Gun From USMechatronics
Two brothers build an autonomous robotic sentry gun as a summer project. (re: Michael Crichton)

Taipei 101 Tower Causing Earthquakes?
Has the world's tallest skyscraper caused quakes in a normally stable zone? (re: William Alden)

d3o-based RibCap: Flexible-Rigid Beanie-Helmet For Snowsports
It's a helmet! No, it's a soft beanie cap! You're both right, kids - its the Ribcap with d3o. (re: Gerrold/Niven)

AMouse: Bradbury's Robot Mice Get Real Whiskers
At last, Ray Bradbury's robotic cleaning mice are coming closer - this bot has real mouse whiskers. (re: Ray Bradbury)

ANPR Cams - Britain's Roadside Big Brother
The UK's ANPR cameras will log the movement of every vehicle on the roads. (re: Robert Heinlein)

T-Rot Thinking Robot Tends Bar, Chats
Finally, a real live bartending robot, who will mix and hand you your drink and listen to your troubles. (re: Harry Harrison)

Amazon Mechanical Turk - Humans Help Slow Computers
It turns out that there are still a few things that humans are good for, as far as computers are concerned. (re: Amitav Ghosh)

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