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Product Prescription
A file that can be used to reproduce an object.
(From The Magellanic Cloud [1955] by Stanislaw Lem)
Pocket Receiver
An early visualization of the smartphone.
(From The Magellanic Cloud [1955] by Stanislaw Lem)
Trion Library
An early visualization of the Internet.
(From The Magellanic Cloud [1955] by Stanislaw Lem)
A means of using the atmosphere to delicately slow a space craft during re-entry.
(From The Planet Strappers [1961] by Raymond Z. Gallun)
Atomic Engine
A motor running on atomic fuel.
(From The World Set Free [1914] by H.G. Wells)
Robotic Butterfly
A tiny, electromechanical flying robot.
(From I, Robot: The Movie [1987] by Harlan Ellison)
A fully automated, driverless taxi.
(From Dugal Was A Spaceman [1953] by Joe Gibson)
Robot Music
Music created and performed entirely by robots.
(From The Robot God [1941] by Ray Cummings)
Prosthetic Robotic Arm (Thought-Attuned)
A detachable robotic arm, controlled directly through neural linkage.
(From Bleekman's Planet [1957] by Ivar Jorgensen)
Landing Pit (Drydock and Construction)
A cylindrical hole with anti-gravity screens for use in spacecraft landings and repair.
(From The Stars My Destination [1956] by Alfred Bester)
Fusion Power
Creating energy from nuclear fusion reactions.
(From The Judas Valley [1956] by Gerald Vance)
Eagle With Camera
A live bald eagle equipped with a transmitting camera.
(From Exploration Team [1956] by Murray Leinster)
Electric Tractor
A farm cultivator that runs entirely on electricity.
(From World of Purple Light [1936] by Warner Van Lorne)
Magnetic Ray
A powerful magnetic beam.
(From The Exiles of Venus [1931] by Jim Vanny)
Robot Doctor
A mechanical physician.
(From Flamingo: A Drama of A.D. 1950 [1930] by Clarence Edward Heller)
A robotic entity serving the function of a trial jury.
(From Wanted in Surgery [1957] by Harlan Ellison)
A robotic physician.
(From Wanted in Surgery [1957] by Harlan Ellison)
Hypno-Encyclopedic Techniques
If you plan to live for centuries, you need to organize your memories.
(From Time Enough For Love [1973] by Robert Heinlein)
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