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A machine that invents randomized stories and can read them out loud or animate them for viewing.
(From Someday [1956] by Isaac Asimov)
Automated Laboratory
A fully automated machinery of invention.
(From The Shores of Death [1964] by Michael Moorcock)
Small, square animals that can combine to create a larger entity.
(From The Face of the Deep [1942] by Edmond Hamilton)
Concentrated Cosmic Radiation
Passing through a region of intense radiation alters lifeforms.
(From The Face of the Deep [1942] by Edmond Hamilton)
Group Mind
A shared consciousness between a number of individuals.
(From Last and First Men [1930] by Olaf Stapledon)
Robot Cop
A robotic police officer.
(From Pacifist of Hell's Island [1943] by R.M. Williams)
Moon Valley Breathable Atmosphere
Atmosphere is retained in a deep valley on a moon or otherwise airless body.
(From Moon Heaven [1939] by Dom Passante)
Space Walk
Standard term for moving through the void of space.
(From Moon Heaven [1939] by Dom Passante)
A version of the tractor beam idea.
(From Exit From Asteroid 60 [1940] by D.L. James)
An experienced spaceman.
(From Spacehounds of IPC [1931] by E.E. 'Doc' Smith)
Construct (Pseudo-Relationship)
An artificial intelligence person, serving as a companion for a human person not capable of forming real relationships.
(From The Mountain in the Sea [2022] by Ray Naylor)
Subcutaneous Overlay
An implanted chip that provides a continuous drug experience for months.
(From The Mountain in the Sea [2022] by Ray Naylor)
Moon Weaponized
A military application of moons, planetoids and asteroids; dropping them from space.
(From Buck Rogers, 2430 AD [1929] by Philip Nowlan (w/D. Calkins))
Warp of Space
A fault or pucker in spacetime.
(From In 20000 A.D.! [1930] by Nat Schachner (w. AL Zagat))
A robot with an AI trained on an individual monk.
(From The Mountain in the Sea [2022] by Ray Naylor)
Specific Gene Weapon
An organic or inorganic weapon aimed at a specific genetic population.
(From The Mannichon Solution [1967] by Irwin Shaw)
General Intelligence Machine
News and information from one device.
(From When the Sleeper Wakes [1899] by H.G. Wells)
A fluttering wing airplane for a few passengers.
(From When the Sleeper Wakes [1899] by H.G. Wells)
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