A.E. van Vogt:
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Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Alien Self-Government
Rules to assure intelligent aliens the right to govern themselves in freedom.

Co-Operate or Else (1942)

Anti-Acceleration Engine For Space Suits
Counteracts the effects of high acceleration.

Black Destroyer (1939)

Antigravity Plate (Antigravity Raft)
A thin, circular craft that floats.

Co-Operate or Else (1942)

Automatic Defensors
Devices that follow along with you, providing extra viewpoints.

The Rull (1948)

Automatic Massager - robot masseuse
An autonomous massage machine with robotic arms and hands.

Far Centaurus (1944)

Deceleration Chambers
Stressed, the ship breaks apart into parts that may survive.

The Storm (1943)

Electrically Heated Clothes
Using artificial heating to counteract the cold of space.

Repetition (1940)

Electronic Locator
A device that determines the location of a person.

World of Null-A (1945)

Energy Screen
A field of force.

Far Centaurus (1944)

Eternity Drug
A medication that puts a person into a deep hibernation-like sleep for decades at a time.

Far Centaurus (1944)

Flame Barrier
A form of protective force field.

The Storm (1943)

Games Machine
A vast computer system.

World of Null-A (1945)

Strong metal you can see through.

Black Destroyer (1939)

Mind-Shield - internal mind control
A mental defense or barrier that prevents access to one brain by another person or device.

Slan (1940)

Mixed Men
A mostly human being, but with an additional robot brain.

The Storm (1943)

Nerve Control Lines
Designs that take control of human nervous systems.

The Rull (1948)

A person with a coordinative knowledge across a variety of sciences.

Voyage of the Space Beagle (1950)

Slide Rule w/Radio Attachment
Slide rule communicates results immediately with computer.

Mission to the Stars (1955)

Space Weather Map
A map that details hazardous space conditions.

The Storm (1943)

Survey Craft
Light duty ship for use in atmosphere, to explore planets.

The Rull (1948)

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