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John Wood Campbell was born in 1910; he died in 1971. He received a degree in Physics from MIT in 1923, publishing his first stories when still a student. In 1937 he became editor of Astounding Stories and discovered many great talents of sf, including Asimov, Heinlein, Sturgeon, van Vogt and others. He freely offered his ideas to his writers; Isaac Asimov has credited Campbell with the Three Laws of Robotics.

(John W. Campbell [1931 Wonder Stories])

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Three photons in one.

Invaders From The Infinite (1932)

Synthetic Food Dispenser - before the Jetsons
A machine that could make whatever food you wanted from basic elements.

Twilight (1934)

Synthite Food - Artificially Flavored Solids
Compact food for space travelers.

Planet of Eternal Night (1939)

A much better telescope than yours.

Islands of Space (1931)

A device that combines picture with sound for personal communication.

Islands of Space (1931)

A transparent material that allows almost no heat to escape.

Planet of Eternal Night (1939)

An alloy that turns heat directly into electricity.

Blindness (1935)

Tiny Atomic-Power Drive Unit - compact power of the atom
A very small power generator that is atomic powered.

The Brain Pirates (1938)

Combination tractor and truck used for hauling and exploration.

The Moon is Hell (1950)

Violet-Gun (Ion Gun)
Ultra-violet fury!

The Brain Stealers of Mars (1936)

Water From Lunar Gypsum
Extracting water (and therefore oxygen, by electrolysis) from apparently dry lunar material.

The Moon is Hell (1950)

Water Pool Cushions Acceleration
The use of water to cushion and protect against extreme ship accelerations.

The Derelicts of Ganymede (1932)

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