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See this biography of Philip Frances Nowlan (b. 1888 - d. 1940).

Richard William "Dick" Calkins (b. 1894 d. 1962) was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and graduated from the Chicago Art Institute, going to work as a cartoonist for the Detroit Free Press. During World War I, Calkins served in the Army Air Service as a pilot and flight instructor.

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

A floating taxicab.

Buck Rogers, 2430 AD (1929)

Atomic Shell
A nuclear munition, fired from a cannon.

Buck Rogers, 2430 AD (1929)

A large, hand-held spear of force.

Buck Rogers, 2430 AD (1929)

A device that displays memories directly on a helmet screen.

Buck Rogers, 2430 AD (1929)

Mechanical Hand
A large robotic hand or claw, large enough to grasp a person.

Buck Rogers, 2430 AD (1929)

A transparent "glass" made of metal.

Buck Rogers, 2430 AD (1929)

Reflectocosmic Spectrometer
A device that detects and measures cosmic rays that reflect from different metals.

Buck Rogers, 2430 AD (1929)

Remote Telepresence Robot
A very early depiction of this basic idea.

Buck Rogers, 2430 AD (1929)

Rocket Pistol
Using pistol rounds to maneuver in space.

Buck Rogers, 2430 AD (1929)

Ship Pushes Moon
Altering the course of a small moon by pushing on it with a rocket motor.

Buck Rogers, 2430 AD (1929)

Ship's Artificial Gravity
A very early mention of the term.

Buck Rogers, 2430 AD (1929)

Ships With Legs
Space ships with mechanical limbs for walking the Earth.

Buck Rogers, 2430 AD (1929)

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