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Harl Vincent (b. 1893 d. 1968) was the pen name of Harold Vincent Schoepflin, an American mechanical engineer and science fiction writer. Most of his stories were short works; The Doomsday Planet was the only work published as a novel.

(Harl Vincent)

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Air Tunnel
A means of sending trains through the air.

Through the Air Tunnel (1929)

Atomic Percolator
Make coffee with radiation.

The Golden Girl of Munan (1928)

Beam Car
A vehicle like an elevator car, but which travels on a radio and magnetic beam, from the surface of a planet up to a satellite.

Lost City of Mars (1934)

Flame Pistol
A hand-held weapon that incinerates opponents.

Invisible Ships (1931)

Flame Projector
Handheld device shoots flame.

Water-Bound World (1932)

A device that opens a portal to another dimension.

Wanderer of Infinity (1933)

Harvest Power From Stray Energy
A means of collecting enough energy from stray electronic impulses to power a device.

The Golden Girl of Munan (1928)

Allows free flight in the interior volume of a vast sphere in space.

Lost City of Mars (1934)

Neutralizing Wall
A barrier that stops electrical and mechanical vibrations, rendering the protected area effectively invisible.

The Golden Girl of Munan (1928)

Optophone (Opto)
A video call system.

Too Many Boards! (1931)

Polyceltron Iconoscope Televisor
A portable camera and microphone setup that could broadcast on-the-spot news.

Newscast (1939)

An early version of the raygun.

The War of the Planets (1929)

Rocket Float
A sea-going floating platform for rocket launches.

Too Many Boards! (1931)

Silica Sphere (Dyson sphere)
An enclosed environment, excavated on Mars, and then placed into the heavens (it's Phobos)

Lost City of Mars (1934)

The universal language of interplanetary travelers.

Water-Bound World (1932)

Time-Space Television
A device for seeing into the past.

Water-Bound World (1932)

Ultra-Telescope Ray
A transporter Ray that works over interplanetary distances.

The Moon Weed (1931)

A person-to-person communication device offering sight as well as sound.

The Golden Girl of Munan (1928)

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