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James Graham (J.G.) Ballard (b. 1930 - d. 2009) was born in Shanghai; this excellent British writer spent several years in an internment camp in Japan during WWII. He writes "I don't think you can go through the experience of war without one's perceptions of the world being forever changed. The reassuring stage set that everyday reality in the suburban west presents to us is torn down; you see the ragged scaffolding, and then you see the truth beyond that, and it can be a frightening experience."
Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Anti-Virus Design Software
Create a living space such that the spread of disease is less likely.

Super-Cannes: A Novel (2000)

Bio-Fabric - living cloth
Living cloth that constantly adapts itself to the personality and needs of its wearer.

Say Goodby to the Wind (1970)

Cloud Sculpting - remake the clouds
Using gliders and chemical showers to shape clouds artistically.

The Cloud Sculptors of Coral D (1967)

Free Telephone Call
All telephone calls are free - in exchange for short commercials.

The Subliminal Man (1963)

Inert-Wear - unfashionably static
Clothing made of dead fibers; clothing that is unmoving, static.

Say Goodby to the Wind (1970)

Photosensitive Pigment
Special paint that stays 'blank' until exposed to a scene.

Cry Hope, Cry Fury! (1966)

Plastex - self-healing material
A combination of plaster and latex, it allows houses to change shape for you.

The Thousand Dreams of Stellavista (1962)

Psychotropic House
Buildings designed to sense, and mirror, the psychological state of their owners.

The Thousand Dreams of Stellavista (1962)

Sand-Yacht (Land Schooner)
A vehicle that used wind power upon its sails to move on the land.

Cry Hope, Cry Fury! (1966)

Self-Healing Building - building materials
A building that responds to stresses or cracks in walls by healing the damaged portion.

The Thousand Dreams of Stellavista (1962)

Senso-Cells - read the quirks
Sensors that recorded personal characteristics of the owners of a house, to better serve their needs.

The Thousand Dreams of Stellavista (1962)

Static House - frozen personality
A house that was once fully psychotropic and malleable, but which had been frozen in one configuration.

The Thousand Dreams of Stellavista (1962)

Subliminal Billboards
Enormous outdoor billboards that are totally blank - or are they?

The Subliminal Man (1963)

Verse Transcriber
A device that would produce perfect poetry, given the necessary parameters.

Studio 5, The Stars (1971)

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