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Edward Page Mitchell (b. 1852 - d. 1927) was an American short story writer, eventually becoming the editor of The Sun, one of New York City's daily newspapers. His stories have gradually been recognized as highly original early contributions to the science fiction genre.
Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Compact Food Pastilles (Food Pill)
One small tablet is a month's worth of food.

The Senator's Daughter (1879)

Dutch Clock (Time Machine)
A tall Dutch clock with hands that move... backward.

The Clock That Went Backward (1881)

Home News Printer - news hot off the press
A device that prints out the newspaper of your choice right in your own home.

The Senator's Daughter (1879)

Suspended Animation (Frigorific Process)
Very early reference to cryogenic storage.

The Senator's Daughter (1879)

Telepomp (Matter Transmission) - first use
A device that transmitted matter from one place to another.

The Man Without a Body (1877)

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