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"The present likelihood is that the interplanetary flight will probably be by mean of a rocket-propelled ship. As far as our knowledge goes the rocket seems to be the most feasible means of propulsion because it will reach its greatest efficiency in the vacuum of inter-stellar space.

If the conditions on other planets, including our moon, are not too prohibitive, it is doubtless true that these planets will be explored for whatever mineral wealth or possibilities of life they may contain. The resulting interplanetary commerce will call into being a host of problems, such as the protection of cargo and passenger shipments against natural and human agents that might wish to destroy them.

('Evans of the Earth Guard' by Edmond Hamilton)

In that case, the Earth-Guard that Mr. Hamilton describes so vividly mil play a most important part in the protection of such commerce.

Mr. Hamilton, as is usual with him, has, in this story, developed it so that we were unable to predict from page to page what would happen next. And the editors were just as fooled by the surprising denouement as we believe our readers will be."

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One-Man Rocket
A small rocket ship with only a pilot.

Rocket Side Tubes
An early description of attitude jets, course correction by small emissions of gas.

Shock-Absorbing Seats
Perfect for the many gravities of acceleration upon take-off.

Space Pirate
Space ships taken against their will.


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