Iris Recognition

Iris recognition is a biometric identification technology that uses high-resolution images of the irides of the eye. The iris of the eye is well suited for authentication purposes. It is an internal organ protected from most damage and wear, it is practically flat and uniform under most conditions and it has a texture that is unique even to genetically identical twins.

Iris recognition is accomplished by applying proprietary algorithms for image acquisition and subsequent one-to-many matching that were developed initially by John G. Daugman, Ph.D., OBE.

Iris recognition algorithms produce remarkable results. Daugman's algorithms have produced accuracy rates in authentication that are better than those of any other method. IrisCode, a commercial system derived from Daugman's work, has been used in the United Arab Emirates as a part of their immigration process. After more than 200 billion comparisons, there has never been a false match.

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