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An inventive and thoughtful author, American author Clifford Simak (b. 1904 - d. 1988) worked with newspapers in the Midwest during the 1930's. He won many awards for his work in the field of science fiction including several Hugo awards (one of them for Way Station) and a Nebula award. Given SFWA Grand Master Award in 1977. The Horror Writers Association made him one of three inaugural winners of the Bram Stoker Award for Lifetime Achievement.

"Gave up the idea of going out west and becoming a cowboy after I spent four years riding a horse to a small town high school, five miles each morning and eve- ning. Attended normal school after that and taught rural school for several years. Went to the University of Wisconsin, majoring in journalism. Learned more about newspaper work in the first few weeks of actual work on a northern Michigan semi-weekly than I did in all the time I spent at university.

Married in 1929. No family unless you count our Scottie pup, Hoot Mon Tyke. Byline on stories really should include Mrs. Simakís name as well, for she acts as critic and typist. Tells me which stories will sell, those that wonít. She hasnít missed yet!"

(Clifford Simak)

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Robotic Chess Expert - unbeatable
A robot that plays chess at a level that no human can match.

First He Died (Time and Again) (1951)

Two passenger vehicle designed for off-road use on alien planets.

Shadow World (1957)

A comfortable riding saddle - minus the horse.

The Big Front Yard (1959)

Self-Adjusting Furniture
Automatic adjustment for a perfect fit.

First He Died (Time and Again) (1951)

Ship's Magnetic Plates (Magnetic Mooring)
Keeps a mining ship attached to the surface of an asteroid.

Asteroid of Gold (1932)

Solar Energy Beam - ultimate in solar power production
A solar energy plant on Mercury provides power for projects all over the solar system.

Masquerade (1941)

Solar-powered Prefab House
A pre-built house that can live off the grid.

Ring Around the Sun (1952)

Star Machine - explore the stars
A device that serves as a boost to psychokinetic powers of mind, enabling paranormals to send their awareness to distant planets.

Time is the Simplest Thing (1961)

Talisman - focus on your hopes
Device that causes beings nearby to experience truth and peace; works only in the hands of rare adepts.

Way Station (1963)

Taper - interstellar portable
A device that records details about a visit to a distant planet.

Time is the Simplest Thing (1961)

Time Tunnel
A gateway into the past.

Rule 18 (1938)

Transo - teleportation
Teleportation of objects and personnel, used as the basis for "Trading Post" stores across the planet.

Time is the Simplest Thing (1961)

Transparent, Frictionless Coating - no stick before teflon
An absolutely frictionless, impenetrable coating.

Way Station (1963)

Way Station - galactic station master
A device used to transport individuals across the galaxy.

Way Station (1963)

Way Station Materializer
By sending impulses that describe a creature from star to star, transport across the galaxy is accomplished.

Way Station (1963)

Zag House
A means of implanting dreams.

First He Died (Time and Again) (1951)

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