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Comments on Obtaining Unobtainium at DARPAtech 2004
DARPA searches for impossible materials - unobtainium - and is succeeding. (Read the complete story)

"The hull material of the subterranean vessel from the 2003 motion picture 'The Core', was an Unobtanium that had the properties of absorbing heat energy and transforming it into electricity, with the added perk of keeping the crew area a liveable temperature (a valid consideration, as the vessel was designed to travel inside the earth's molten core). Naturally, it grows into quite the plot device."
(Orb99 2/7/2005 1:24:42 AM)
"In Battlefield Earth, they used a Iridium spray to make the hulls of the ships able to withstand a direct hit from a nuke. "
(stunty 5/11/2005 3:52:40 PM)
"UNO was on the periodic chart for years,then renamed and thusly suppressed.praise bob. "
(brown 8/25/2005 1:15:09 AM)
"A naturally-inspired multifunctional UAV skeleton has already been developed that combines a load-bearing structure with electrical energy storage (a micro air vehicle fuselage that is also a battery). Now if that battery was also one of the deep well 40 micron, one micron wide square semiconductor honeycomb beta-voltaic cells, fuelled by 'tritiated honey, as is underway at Rochester University NY.& (BetaBatt) Houston,the output currently 125 microwatts per square cm. but remember only about 50 micron thick so a millimeter thick sheet would yield 25 watts per square metre. They hope to make large increases to these figures when thin film deposited material is used. Thin Film is currently at early R&D stage. These batteries stay on at full power for over a decade. Microwatt-power now perhaps, but potentially Micro-Light Aircraft soon? who knows? "
(Alastair Carnegie 6/28/2006 10:50:49 PM)
"there is unobtainium in the movie the core. It is a material that gets stronger with pressure and generates electricity through the heat as well. eg, submarine that could go to any depth."
(jeff yates 9/10/2006 1:03:18 PM)
"Why don't you mix hydrogen with Al, something like 2-4 extra electrons injected into hydrogen then mixed with al. Just don't stop the current flowing or is that don't start the current flowing. The code at thingy should help in computing the numbers to do it"
(hope 8/15/2011 5:49:55 AM)

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