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Comments on Parasitic Power Harvesting - Dada Sprees Supreme Shoes
The Dada Sprees Supreme atheletic shoes have an unusual feature - a "spinnah" built into the outside wall of the show just above the ankle actuated by heel power. (Read the complete story)

"im wondring are they getting recalled???"
(Anyoumus 4/8/2004 4:51:47 PM)
"there's nothing special... only an unintelligent fool would be amazed by that!"
( 4/9/2004 10:48:40 AM)
"although the design is quite advanced, and the material used to fabricate them optimizes a weigh/strength/comfort ratio"
( 4/9/2004 10:50:21 AM)
"the shoes are bad if you dont like them then ***** you"
(shorty 4/9/2004 4:19:28 PM)
"y dont they hav it cheeper?!"
( 4/12/2004 2:33:13 PM)
"I love your shoes dude"
(muchy 4/16/2004 8:52:10 AM)
(Roden  4/17/2004 11:07:43 AM)
"These shoes are tight, I'm gettin some!"
(David 4/19/2004 12:40:30 PM)
"i havent been able 2 find these shoes in mt size even on the net"
( 4/20/2004 3:48:29 AM)
"awsome shoes i just need the money to buy them "
( 4/20/2004 6:38:39 AM)
"awsome shoes i just need the money to buy them "
( 4/20/2004 6:38:39 AM)
" I have ordered some Dada Sprees. They are Bling Blinging.They realy spin$$$ "
(Zach 4/25/2004 7:32:41 AM)
"Walking on dubs$$$$I love my spinnahs."
(Shayshay 4/26/2004 6:54:36 PM)
"i got to get them"
(jarad  4/30/2004 6:27:04 PM)
"I have the shoes and everyone notices it. It is the alltime coolest shoe."
(Kellen 5/1/2004 10:20:09 AM)
"once you see them you want to buy them!!!!! "
(bobby 5/7/2004 9:16:01 AM)
"how much did you pay for them and where "
(zachary 5/8/2004 7:15:17 PM)
"why are you selling them on ebay for "
(spreewell 5/8/2004 7:16:57 PM)
"i wnt a pair how much call me 7244172145"
(ron 5/10/2004 5:59:31 AM)
"I got ém yesterday. They're so TIGHT!!!"
(Eric 5/10/2004 9:54:03 AM)
"I'm talian and i absolutely want to get the sprees.. them are too marvelous.. somebody can say me how can i get them????? "
( 5/10/2004 10:01:26 AM)
"im thinkin if i should get the blue or the white if you want to buy these shoes type in or and when you get there type in dada"
(t mac  5/11/2004 4:35:39 PM)
"They are fresh.Make some more of those in different colors. At school everybody looks at them. "
(RJ Young 5/12/2004 6:11:45 PM)
"They are so fresh.Who ever thought of that is cold.Can you customize them?"
(RJ G.Young 5/12/2004 6:30:28 PM)
"Forget the person who wrote that message on 4/9/2004 at 4:48:40 AM.He's just mad because his mom won't by them."
(RJ G.Young 5/12/2004 6:59:35 PM)
"these are tight im gonna save my allowance for them white and black"
(dada sprees 5/12/2004 10:07:19 PM)
"I think that those shoes are of the chain"
(kevin 5/13/2004 9:33:39 AM)
"Those are awesome!!!!!"
(Nathan 5/13/2004 9:44:09 AM)
"those are vichis!"
(Rapboy 5/15/2004 10:38:09 AM)
"these are awsome i ordered them off eastbay and every color of the sprees the black the white and the blue are all backordered because people love them mine are backordered til june they cost 110 dollars"
(zach 5/17/2004 11:44:00 AM)
"Go Latrell Sprewell!!!"
(Your Mom 5/21/2004 1:23:23 PM)
"Latrell,da shoes are cool.Me &,50 cent bought 5 pairs each coler.We hope to come out wit some of ar own wit 2 spinnahz on each side.The price will be $195.99 a pair.They will have a real barren on them.The spinnahs will be 3x3 in .Holla,[.s keep up tha good work at basket ball$$$$$$$$$$$"
(Young Buck from G-unit 5/22/2004 7:55:54 PM)
"Latrell Sprewell has some ugly shoes out.Don't buy them.I bought a pair of em.They are so cheap.They wrinkle up.The spinners are plastic there is a cheap pump in the healthat makes em spin. One of mine is broke. He is stupid .I will sell em on E-Bay fo $120.99 and rip him off. "
(Laquanda  5/22/2004 8:12:29 PM)
"laquanda what do you mean they wrinkle up easy and are crappy shoes i ordered them should i cancel it or are they really cool i think there awsome!!!!"
(spree 5/23/2004 4:52:55 PM)
"i like tacos and burritaos and SPREES"
(Dan Saldana  5/25/2004 5:41:28 AM)
"yo spree dem shoes are pimp i got a pair last week. im out, 50"
(50 cent 5/25/2004 4:09:08 PM)
"i ordered that color those are awsome if you want a pair got to ebay and type in dada spree not sprees spree"
(professor 5/25/2004 5:24:13 PM)
"They are alright but tha front wrinkle up. I was just picking.I love them no dont cancel them."
(Laquanda  5/25/2004 6:41:43 PM)
"How ya love that.I love em. $110.00 a pair "
(Damacus 5/25/2004 6:52:32 PM)
"these are the coolest shoes i have ever seen... you should have them in womens styles.. like pink and yellow etc."
(bacon 5/25/2004 7:57:56 PM)
"Don't order the shoes. They are cheap.I bought the white ones.They make a noise when you walk."
(Kiki 5/26/2004 8:36:51 AM)
"kikki they have an air pump underneath the heel they have to make that noise cause when you step on your heel they spin and it puts air in the spinner and it spins when you step up it stops! "
(professor 5/26/2004 1:26:56 PM)
"Professah iz wrong.Da shoes ar cheap.He dont want to admitt.They are even uncomfortable.I had ta put Dr.Schools in them.I hope they ar gettin recalled so i can git mi $$$ bak.P.S Prafessa is stupid I said stupid.When evah ya walk it sound like ah freight train rolling through da town on 24 in.SPINNAHZ$$$$"
(Kiki 5/26/2004 9:03:55 PM)
"I stole some afta trying on a pair in foot-lockah.They are alright but i don't like pump in therr.Thay make ah loud noise when you walk.Sound like they are wet.I mest up by stealing them."
(Marshall Street 5/26/2004 9:10:30 PM)
"I purchased some dada shoes. They are cool Latrellis cool I lie his Spinners.They look like the ones on my bike "
(Gus Bangs 5/26/2004 9:18:37 PM)
"kikki you just cant appriecate a good shoe i know that is one wrong thing it makes that noise but its still cool "
(proffesor 5/27/2004 9:26:24 AM)
"The shoes are alright.I dont like the sound it make. "
(proffessor 5/27/2004 7:05:14 PM)
"oh my gosh they just came out with the red/white ones on eastbay there awsomee check them out "
(proffessor 5/28/2004 11:04:21 AM)
"they r awseum"
(chelsea 5/28/2004 6:06:16 PM)
"Yes, prafessa i saw em they alright but it still gone make tha sound in tha heel.I hope they will get recaled So they can do something about the sound "
(kiki 5/28/2004 8:02:00 PM)
"i cancelled mine cause my friend has them and the make that stupid noise so if you live close to opry mills in tennessee then go to the nike outlet and get the xviii 18 jordans cause there awsome and there only 69.99 im gettin blue?white for my birthday "
(proffesah 5/29/2004 2:21:19 PM)
"AwsomE Shoes Give Me Dem BiatCh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"
(D DawG 5/29/2004 8:45:03 PM)
"d dawg get them off eastbay type in dada and you can get them in red/white black/shiny blue/white every color 110 dollars"
(proffesor 5/29/2004 9:06:02 PM)
"spree 4 three!"
(Ndawg 5/31/2004 5:10:41 PM)
"the shoes rock I bought them of eastbay some time in may the only thing i have to say is get them"
(MPD 6/2/2004 7:32:29 AM)
"whoopitey doo you bunch of freaking retards!!!!!!!"
(brandon 6/4/2004 11:06:23 PM)
"Is the noise really that bad?"
(Zacharper 6/4/2004 11:24:56 PM)
"Yes Zacheraphar, they make a loud squishing noise when you walk.I have some."
(Laquanda 6/5/2004 5:52:26 PM)
"Brandon,you ar tha retard one.You to po to buy them.I knew I saw ya digging in tha trash-can. Thats where ya got those ugly cloths. "
(Laquanda  6/5/2004 5:54:53 PM)
"I just hooked up with my new spinnahs 2 days ago, da left shoe done toe up, so I ain't spinnin no mo. "
(sure did want them shoes 6/6/2004 7:11:44 PM)
"Hey,I bought some .They alright.Just like everyone else said They maka a sound.Thats iz tha onlee problem. "
(Yalanda 6/9/2004 10:23:36 AM)
"these sneakers are off the hook yo i hope they have them fo all sizes"
(g 6/12/2004 8:49:24 PM)
"these shoes are hot gonna buy some soon, love the idea of spinning shoes!"
(neo 7/10/2004 12:21:12 PM)
"yo,i dont understand you guys.your idiots for thinking that these shooz are awful and they should recall them.deez shouz are off da hook.u need 2 buy them for real. i mean they are da bomb"
(eminem 7/15/2004 4:54:52 PM)
"YEAH! dawg these shoes are the shiz u gota by sum anyone who dont likum fer da sound is smokin sumtin.jus wear dem fo a wile tha noise wil go smalla jus agee wit eminem cuz deze shoes da bomb,OKAY?!? deze shooz r trixd out lata "
(lil jon 7/15/2004 4:54:52 PM)
"these shoes are lame--made for illiterate ******* and white trash that go for "bling" over performance"
( 7/16/2004 1:30:52 PM)
"Yo This Shoes Are THighT My dAd Is GoIng To BuY Me A Par OF ThEm Yeah!!!!!"
(HoMiE 7/20/2004 12:34:30 PM)
"I'm a chick and i am buying these amazing shoes as you can tell im not a gurly girl im a basketball freak"
(Bianca 7/23/2004 9:08:15 PM)
"does the shoes really make that noise becuase i want to buy some but don't want to waste my money for squeakers"
(bianca 7/24/2004 9:03:34 AM)
"there all right im sick of them now but if you want them get them my friend has them they make a swishhing noise there cool tell me what color youre gonna get just curios "
(professor 7/24/2004 7:41:44 PM)
"i am gonna get the all white pair and does the sound eventually wear off"
(bianca 7/26/2004 2:21:02 PM)
"i dont know but theres a pump under the sole and my friend took it out with a knife cause it was glued in there and there little pumps and if you take them out it doesent spin but you can put it back in it spins like normal its cool"
(proffessor 7/26/2004 5:13:19 PM)
"yeah but whats the point spending all that money for spinners and then they dont work i want them so bad but i dont want them to make noise is there someway it will become more quiet"
(bianca 7/26/2004 6:39:45 PM)
"are they worth 158.64 canadian?"
(bianca 7/26/2004 6:42:43 PM)
"you live in canada where in canada but im goin to buy them and im not gonna care about that noise because you can only here it up close and it sounds cool they spin fast and pimp get em there awsome"
(proffesor 7/26/2004 6:48:18 PM)
"ugliest shoes iv ever seen! "
(jooool 7/30/2004 7:49:06 PM)
"Where can I find a website,that I can get paid to wear company band shoes or clothes.Like to sport and show-off company clothes so when people ask,I tell them "buy some and tell me if you like it".E-mail me with the answer"
(Sticks 7/30/2004 8:29:14 PM)
"im from amhersburg ontario i com eto the USA all the time the prices are very good umm i so wanna get thoes shoes but do they last a long time r are the spinners just cheap plastic"
(bianca 8/1/2004 4:11:36 PM)
"i look around for some dada sprees for my daughter and i cant find any black and pink ones for womens if you find some please email me at"
(bonekiesha 8/2/2004 10:41:29 PM)
"THESE ARE LAME--are you people nuts or just mentally retarded--they have friggin spinners on them--as if it wasn't a stupid enough idea to put them on CARS, now they're on SHOES?!?!?!?"
(Dada Shoes SUCK 8/3/2004 4:44:19 PM)
(bianca 8/5/2004 11:29:40 AM)
"Hey i have the spinner shoes and i was walking and one of them stoped spiining i was wondering if i can get another one its the right shoe. our if someone can fix it."
(logan 8/9/2004 1:23:53 PM)
"where can i get these fir thes then 100$ .thats wat to much for shoes, ya dig"
(stew 8/9/2004 10:24:42 PM)
"these shoes are so much money will they ever go down in price cause i really want these will the price go down in the next month .cause i want them for school basketball white and blue so please someone lower the price.thanks"
(mike 8/9/2004 10:24:42 PM)
"buy these shoes you wont regret it there teriffic there comforatable and everyone notices you and the spinner makes no noise at all"
(bob 8/10/2004 9:28:35 PM)
"aright listen to me if you want womens dada sprees go to and if you want mens dada sprees for cheap go to mens are 109.99 at eastbay and 89.99 at womens dada sprees are only out at right now for 109.99 "
(proffessor 8/11/2004 10:51:20 AM)
"i see on finishline like professor said that the sprees are only 89.99 but they dont have them in a 7 1/2 or 8.and thats my shoe size do you know anywhere else where theyll have these in 7 1/2 or 8. thanks alot"
(mike 8/11/2004 10:45:41 PM)
"what color are you looking for in a size 7 1/2 or 8 cause the red/whites and the black/whites and the all whites and all blacks have your size but white/blue doesent have your size"
(proffesor 8/12/2004 10:57:54 AM)
"ok i went to east bay website is there an east bay store in great leakes crossings? please tell me bcuz thats where i wanna do my school shopping"
(Bianca 8/12/2004 11:36:33 AM)
"no its just a website"
(proffesor 8/12/2004 11:56:07 AM)
"proffesor on the shoes they dont have the shoes in 7 1/2 or 8 casue thats what i wear do you know if they have them in 8"
(mike 8/12/2004 7:59:55 PM)
"dude i tryed on the red and white sprees there awsome there so damn cool i am getting them for sure"
(professor 8/16/2004 12:54:39 PM)
"professor do you have any sprees as of now."
(mike 8/17/2004 6:27:55 PM)
"no i dont"
(professor 8/18/2004 4:52:51 AM)
"can you here these shoes makeing a noise really easly or can you just here it when you put ur face next to it ? ? ?"
(mike 8/18/2004 9:00:06 PM)
(mmm 8/26/2004 4:52:44 PM)
"so if i wanted to get the womens sprees i would have to order them online because there isnt a store ?? or is there a store"
(bianca 8/27/2004 2:30:54 PM)
"i like it"
(steve 9/5/2004 4:17:37 PM)
"yeh what okay no way!!!!!!!"
(professor 9/19/2004 4:19:32 PM)
"get these, they are better!+Photo+Album/Picture+10.jpg?grsSOUBBwQaH6Bai"
( 9/20/2004 7:36:45 PM)
"do they come out in canada?"
( 9/21/2004 3:59:27 PM)
"These shoes are great guys will want them and girls will love them, they make noises and make sure they dont make a clicking sound when ur buying them..other than that..just ride spinners"
(Adam 10/25/2004 8:20:41 AM)
"i got these shoes a week ago and then they stopped spinnin "
(spydaboi 10/27/2004 5:10:24 PM)
"wheel is heavy, but the design is yuck!"
(himi 11/3/2004 6:43:30 AM)
"i love these shoes "
( 11/8/2004 6:23:45 PM)
"I love These shoes!!!! But will dey cum out in Canada"
(daawd 11/12/2004 8:32:53 PM)
"data sprees are awsome!!!"
( 11/13/2004 9:13:06 AM)
"how much should dey be in Canada"
(daawd 11/15/2004 7:56:46 PM)
"Dada Sprees r sick, I ordered mine online cuz i live in canada and athlete's world is the only store with Sprees but they cost $200!!!!!"
(daawd 11/20/2004 2:22:23 PM)
"the wheels are awsome but the shoes are lame"
( 12/1/2004 9:24:14 AM)
"wut r u talkin about "
(daawd 12/2/2004 2:10:01 PM)
"yeah these shoes are lame, they belong in payless with the shoes with lights in the heels--people wearin these are chumps"
(4skinboi 12/9/2004 6:31:24 PM)
"ure all retarded!!!!!!!!!!!!"
(daawd 12/16/2004 5:24:34 PM)
"These shoes are the best. Should i worry that the wheel is loose or that the wheel isnt spin alot?"
( 1/13/2005 8:31:38 PM)
"These shoes are so tight i jsut ordered the balck on black from for only 50$!!! can't beat a deal like that for shoes as tight as these"
( 1/30/2005 9:25:40 AM)
"I am gonna get these shoes"
(jake 2/2/2005 3:13:32 AM)
"that shoe iz do bamb man dat th rite ther man"
(aaron 2/11/2005 2:22:13 PM)
"They're are the best shoes "
(Trai 5/5/2005 7:09:13 PM)
"i really like your shoes that spin. i was just wondering if you could send me a pair and i will pay you the money this summer."
(hank braisher 5/18/2005 2:03:49 PM)
"i bought black and pink ones but someone said there weird so i didn't mind them now i gave htem away because they wer 2 small"
(kace 5/25/2005 10:04:44 AM)
"will the dada sprees loose the spining action?"
(shandy 6/25/2005 2:26:29 PM)
"These are the best shoes ever. 4 me their comfortable and way cool!!"
(yurey 7/17/2005 9:42:00 PM)
"these shoes r tight i am gettin them for basketball 281 330 8 004"
(mike jones 8/20/2005 7:12:42 AM)
"where can iget these pure white size 10"
( 8/29/2005 5:51:17 AM)
"my spinner fell out of the shoe how do i repare it"
(stevie 8/29/2005 4:08:44 PM)
"why do you only have the black and pink ones in size 13 and 14? I need a size 8.5!!!"
(PINKY 9/14/2005 8:40:31 PM)
"i need this shoes i whant this shoes please.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
( 9/21/2005 8:42:40 AM)
"they r wiked m8"
(wiked 9/27/2005 7:31:22 AM)
(RICARDO 10/10/2005 7:50:46 AM)
"the shoes i thought were very umcomfortalble and i am soon giving them away to the garbageman.thanks for the great shoes dada. from big dada "
(big dada 10/12/2005 11:47:42 AM)
"these shoes r mint. wud be evan betta if a cud buy dem. the onli hav womens in sizes 12 to 14... wat r we?? big foot?!?!?!?"
(JESSIKA 10/15/2005 6:55:44 AM)
"lil jon iz so damn fyneeee!!"
(lil jonz numba 1 fan 10/18/2005 8:13:07 PM)
"My freind Brandon has a pair...everyone makes fun of those ugly as hell shoes"
(Cody B. 10/25/2005 3:10:06 PM)
(big b 10/25/2005 8:49:28 PM)
"OMG they have to make them in 7 and 7.5 i need these shoes for b-ball i dont think my feet will grow in 2 weeks"
(Ryan 10/27/2005 1:47:58 PM)
"you should make the spinner dadas in size 7"
(wesley 11/2/2005 1:32:08 PM)
"ich will das auch"
(halik 11/10/2005 11:11:42 AM)
"so beautiful i very need this shoes but i dont have very money so im livin g to 1500 duff_court app 403 lachine ,quebec h8s1c5 imphone number is(514)639-4994 im living to canada"
(stefany 11/18/2005 9:39:28 PM)
"These shoes price are 160€ in Finland :D"
(Desante 11/24/2005 4:17:11 AM)
"And you know that euro is much more valuable tha your lousy dollars! "
(Desante 11/24/2005 4:20:00 AM)
"I actually have a pair. Their white on white with chrome spinners. I really like them a ton. Their on sale for only $40 at They were originally $110. Personally i feel this is a once in a lifetime deal."
(Taylor 11/26/2005 4:51:35 PM)
"these are some tight shoes, i am thinkin im gonna buy a pair. keep makin tight shoes like dees 1's"
(Ezequiel 12/14/2005 5:25:49 PM)
"spinners are the best"
(josh 12/17/2005 12:41:55 AM)
"yo I got sme dada spinners and there blue. I got some black ones to but the spinners dont work. How do I make them work. "
(Jorge aguilera  12/20/2005 9:11:48 AM)
"I found a pair of size eight Dada's last nite and I was gonna order them today for a really cheap price and they were sold out im so bummed i should have ordered them sooner"
( 1/20/2006 12:01:03 PM)
"I have a pair - got them cheap and now I know why. Really comfortable, but they squeak like crazy! The spinner is cheezie, but I can tolerate that. It's the squeaking - what junk - don't buy them unless all you care about is the cheezie spinner!"
(Choked 1/30/2006 12:43:46 PM)
"where do i bye thease in a size 4.5"
( 2/4/2006 1:32:48 PM)
"i love these shoes but i really cant buy them because i need a size 8 can u please get them shipped in thx!!!"
(conair25 2/7/2006 7:11:42 PM)
"Dude these shoes are tight I just got a pair! HIGHLY REcommended"
(Captain Charisma 2/8/2006 5:57:25 PM)
"woow cool"
(robi 2/21/2006 11:57:45 PM)
"cara memiliki gimana?"
(Edi Malstin 2/23/2006 7:40:59 AM)
"You need to make the Black and Blue Spinners in a size 6.5!!!!"
(Josh 2/23/2006 3:48:39 PM)
"These shoes are Tight!!!!!"
(Yo Mama 3/2/2006 1:45:43 PM)
"good i have one"
(miguel 3/5/2006 7:24:56 PM)
"Do you know where i could get one in size 9.5 because these shoes sound tight "
(E to the H 3/12/2006 4:57:39 PM)
"do you have to be a basketball player to where them?"
( 3/30/2006 10:59:13 AM)
"i love then they are awsome but u should like get them in a smaller size"
(Rachael 5/17/2006 3:44:01 PM)
"they got them on ebay, all colors! way cheaper than 110 too!"
( 5/21/2006 10:14:42 PM)
"these shoes rock I have had mine for about a week now and man do they look good"
(unanamus 6/16/2006 11:41:41 AM)
"these shoes are amazing. they are comfy and they have sick spinners. the only thing wrong is the pumping sound."
(j yan 6/16/2006 6:52:53 PM)
"WOW it was cool when people like me wearing it HAHAHAHA"
(noname 7/4/2006 12:44:35 AM)
"quality product "
(mitch 7/14/2006 5:08:00 PM)
"There not basketball shoes.. the spinner breaks in them if you jump in hem too much.. and then there not spinners anymore evidently.. there just rims that dont move.. but i love dada shoes omg there the besrt shoe in the world i wish i had a ppair of every kind of them =]"
(mattmatt 10/22/2006 1:02:21 PM)
"estan chidos "
(man 10/31/2006 9:58:01 AM)
"I'm amazed that anyone even remembers Spree. He's been on the corner now selling pensils. Never could play ball nither. "there's nothing special... only an unintelligent fool would be amazed by that!" The guy who wrote that isn't cool...only a FOOL. You want a good pair of shoes then you have to go to use your brain & get on up...over there, get on up now & go over there cause we gonna, we gonna sching a ling...all night! Dit Dit Ditty! "
(ROCCO 6/9/2007 2:03:32 PM)
"I would tell you how to get powers.In creat magicl creters."
(tony 8/22/2009 6:18:53 PM)
"Hugh Everett's work has been described by many people in terms of many worlds, the idea being that every one of the various alternative histories, branching histories, is assigned some sort of reality."
(Gefmeermpat 3/3/2011 2:12:15 PM)

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Does The Shortage Of Human Inputs Limit AI Development?
'...we've promised him a generous pension from the royalties.'

Textiles That Harvest Energy And Store It
'The clothes and jewelery drew their tiny power requirements from her movements.'

LORIS Passive-Gripper Climbing Robot
'At the end of each appendage's eight fingers there are tinier appendages...'

Neuroplatform Human Brain Organoid Bioprocessor Uses Less Electricity
'Cultured brains on a slab.'

Drug To Regenerate Teeth In Humans
'We want to do something to help those who are suffering from tooth loss or absence,' said lead researcher Katsu Takahashi.

Coin-Sized Nuclear Battery Good For 100 Years
'...power pack the size of a pea.'

Live Stream With Meta-Ban Multimodal Smart Glasses
'...the bug-eyed, opaque gape of her True-Vu lenses.'

'Autonomous' Waymo Improves Driving With Remote Human Operators
'...some bored drone pusher in a remote driving centre has got your life... in his hands.'

Will Whales Be Our First Contact?
'He had piloted the Adastra to its first contact with the civilization of another solar system.'

Heinlein’s Controlway - Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Corridor In Michigan
'Well, that's us,' said Lazarus.

NYC/Dublin Portal Fails To Meet 'Guardian Of Forever' Standards
I am the Guardian of Forever.

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